Hi, I'm Beca. I'm 19 and live in Nebraska.
I'm just really sad, okay.
I like dogs, video games (mainly Final Fantasy), Kpop, and The Walking Dead.
I got a tattoo before my ears were pierced because I'm not a real girl
Yes, I am, I am a real girl
I drive a cool car
I have 2 dogs, their names are Lucky and Duke (I actually stole them from my brother)
I'm going to start school for film so I can be a real porn director
I'm a Capricorn and they're hella cool
Paloma (50shadesofgucci) is my bestie irl who left me )):
Angel and Kay are really cool, Angel and I spoil Kay
I like to eat crunchy cheetos, fruit, and pizza
I'm actually not that fat to my surprise
I workout tho