Name:Ferrin Crain

Known as:Sith





Relationship:looking for Master

Powers:force push/pull, speed, lightning, tutaminis, force choke.

Skills:excellent lightsaber combatant. Pilot

Origin: Ferrin was born in an aristocratic Sith family on Korriban. His family was part of the Hierarchy in a tribe that somehow stayed hidden from the Jedi. His entire family was force sensitive and had some sort of power in the force. His father taught him his family's custom saber form, lightning, and the highly useful tutaminis. His eldest brother taught him force choke and he himself learned the basics with force push and pull. This tribe however is based on survival of the fittest they hold a tournament every year and every child from the age of sixteen to twenty must enter unless you have won it before, but you can enter again if you have won. Ferrin had to enter once he was sixteen and won the tournament, however once the tournament came around again the next year he again entered and won again. He won the tournament five years in a row and holds the record for most wins. After his last win he figured there was no one in his tribe worthy of his skills so he left the tribe and found a research team and there ship at the Sith shrines. He waited for nightfall and woke up one of the team members and put one of his custom built sabers through the leg of the researcher, he screamed out and woke the other members up, he started to force choke the member he injured and told the other members if they didn't start up the ship and fly to the Nar Shaddaa that he would kill the man. so they complied to what he said and took him to Nar Shaddaa once they landed he killed them all so no one would tell anyone that the true Sith still survived. He spent five four years on on Nar Shaddaa and had learned how to fly a ship in that time. He soon after left Nar Shaddaa once he heard of a Sith academy on Mustafar, he wanted to learn new things, but he wanted to see if there was someone who could mentor him.