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Yep that's me, fugly huh?
Well I'm not so good at expressing myself so forgive me If anything I say is weird......I'm 19 years......graduated.....unemployed.....yep.....and broke off my a**... who would of guessed that one
I'm always shy and reserved at first but once I get to know you more, be sure i'll open up.
sorry if you were expecting more ^^; it might take some time but I'm sure you will learn all this on your own.

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This logo is from one of my favorite game series....can you guess which one :3

The first thing you need to know about me is that I'm an above average slacker.When it comes to work, I'm not too quick to do it or even start it because well I guess you can say I have an illness and it starts with an L and ends with a....(you'll figure out everyone else does....damn it).
When it comes to stuff I would normally want to do,which most of them involve not moving for long periods of time, I'm quick to respond.
I'm an otaku so you can probably guess I love anime and video games.I am an uber video game fan but I'm also the broke uber video game fan so despite my middle-class standing when it comes to recent game releases I'm a little behind. On a sadder note, I don't even have any of the current Gen. consoles.

Matthew like DEATH!!!!
Sitting around and doing nothing
eating ramen......what
playing games
watching anime/hentai
listening to music (Mostly Rock and Metal)
Hard work or any kind of work in general =w=
being told to get a heck with you people }:<
stuckup people

hmm...well physical traits huh.....well hehe ;~; I'm not very uh fit....weight 120 lbs hmm....height 6'1" I think....yes i know =,= tall and skinny u can see in my pics I'm not that pretty....
well the reason why I'm so skinny u ask ',' metabolism my friend....
I could eat an entire family and their dog and cat and still only gain like .5 lbs.....well maybe I'm exaggerating that 2 lbs at max.
I eat quite alot too...mostly ramen and i love animals to death but i'm sorry they are just delicous sometimes....hey ^^ fun to pet, better to chew.
I like Death. When I say Death, I don't mean passing on kinda death, I mean the personification of Death. The Grim Reaper or Shinigami whatever the hell you want to call it. Hey, a skeleton garbed in a black hooded cloak wielding a giant scythe, it just sounds bad-a** to me >:3

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xXShadowTempestXx Report | 01/12/2010 10:51 pm
wut it do skillet bacoooooon
Fuuko Furushimi Report | 12/28/2009 5:22 pm
Fuuko Furushimi
Yami! -glomps- How've you been?
ll Hana to Akuma ll Report | 12/08/2009 11:57 am
ll Hana to Akuma ll
*huggles tight* Sorry Yami-kun.
ll Hana to Akuma ll Report | 12/08/2009 11:37 am
ll Hana to Akuma ll
Sorry to hear that. *huggles* Thats a bummer. I too have gone through a rough patch. I've been on and off with my ex who I was with for over 5 1/2 years when we first broke up. Well I got back with him recently but then tried to break up with him yesterday fully, but I am weak emotionally... He found where I had went to hid (another house) and told me that he wanted me to go back to our house to divide the stuff we shared, but he lied. He took me home to talk to me, not divide out stuff. He also used the excuse, not that it worked, that he was going to the bank yesterday to refinance his loan to get me an engagement ring for Christmas. Now that we are back together I am regretting every bit...
I hope you find a job soon. *hugs for luck* Keep looking.
Riggzz Report | 12/08/2009 9:33 am
hola long time no chat
ll Hana to Akuma ll Report | 12/08/2009 6:16 am
ll Hana to Akuma ll
I'm alright, you?
0ggstroph2 Report | 12/07/2009 6:16 pm
ll Hana to Akuma ll Report | 12/07/2009 12:02 pm
ll Hana to Akuma ll
*huggles* Hi Yami.
:3 How is chu?
Multilollipopz1234 Report | 12/07/2009 10:20 am
nahhh .
I dont like sleeping . razz Sleeping shouldn't be aloud
Nonsense Freak Report | 12/07/2009 8:55 am
Nonsense Freak
well...i kinda do...=o

but nvm...
^ ^


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