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VACATION: 3-5Hours
SCHOOL DAYS: 30mins max

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i dont believe in labels (personality,relationships) that's just a bunch of BS, calling the girl you hang out as your gf just puts pressure. .for me i'd like to have fun. .chill out. .make love. .no girlfriends/babe/whatever. .I dont say that iam cool or popular. .asserting yourself as a "cool" person w/c in real life you're not it just goes to show how impudent you are. Let other people say what they think about you coz at the end of the day its better to be yourself than to hide in a mask where you don't really fit in with

1. i dont lowball like a prick im ok with lil profit [fast BUYnSELL]

2. i dont use or take advantage of people

3. i like to take a dump while reading tabloids

4. im not jealous of what other people have call me a hypocrite and i'll call you one insecure SOB

5. im a pervert...a subtle one that is, WHAT?! atleast im honest about it

6. Random Guy: Nice Coat Bro!! Zero: Mah Men emotion_brofist

7. Donation Percentage:15% 50k-1.55M though im poor as fck i donate anonymously

8. don't beg nor ask for help direct/indirectly coz that's irritating

9. dont use emotional blackmail on me or i'll shove it back at your face.

10. you're rich why you keep asking for donations do something bout it you LAZY BUM

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"Give, give, give and do not expect anything in return"

male/it student/manila

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ThoRnEIDo x x

First off, i'm a HOARDER/EXCHANGER/VENDOR i usually hang out in PINOY IWC Rally, most of the time im AFK coz im playing Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City or doing chores and hanging out with my friends. In RL i mostly spend my time at campus grounds/sm cyberzone chillin' with my friends. I rarely buy stuffs but i like checking this shops out; SANűK, NIKE, TRIBAL, VANS, PONY and CONVERSE. I buy my bag in AMBLVD jackets in PENSHOPPE/BENCH. if you liked those botiques that i listed we'll get along just fine. I don't tolerate beggars I donate whenever i feel like donating you dont have to beg also I don't troll girls/women coz i RESPECT them and i mean why do something that you can't even do in real life i'm not some dim-witted loser who has zero-social life and eats poop for breakfast making that as an excuse to troll women/newbies just to feel good about themselves..
i also don't befriend people just to rob them
well that pretty much wrap things up oh btw favorite genre? i like SOFT ROCK, POP ROCK, ELECTRONIC, RNB it hits the spot while i bathed in the morning sun in the campus garden so that wraps it all up, gtg.
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