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Sol. still Florida. Aquarius.
Taken. ♥ ♥
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I still check in often. Feel free to re-add or just pm to chat.
I never want my account to become deactivated. heart whee

Old name: Sadaka10

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The first avi art I ever received ♥



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Twinky Dave Report | 03/17/2023 8:55 am
Twinky Dave
Long time no see!
Happy st Patty's day
Gregory Oliver Daniels Report | 02/01/2023 5:56 am
Gregory Oliver Daniels
Merry Belated Xmas! Sorry, I rarely ever go on anymore. Hope you have a lovely day smile
Prince of The Bunnies Report | 03/16/2020 10:42 pm
Prince of The Bunnies
Welcome back cat_3nodding
Sumasuun Report | 04/30/2019 9:12 pm
I'm glad you've been doing well. (:

I've been doing alright I guess, thank you. ^^
Mae-Chai Report | 04/30/2019 12:46 pm
Thank you so much!
Aw, your avi is really cute too! :D
.[FoxBoy~DigiMatt]. Report | 02/19/2019 6:43 pm
Yeah, that's pretty much how regret works..
Sumasuun Report | 02/15/2019 5:55 pm
Hey, we haven't talked in a while.
I wanted to see how you were doing. (:
.[FoxBoy~DigiMatt]. Report | 12/20/2018 3:27 pm
Let us chitchat of the old days and figure wtf happened and what should have happened.
flashlite5000 Report | 09/28/2018 5:58 am
Good Morning. Hope you are enjoying your Starbucks! Just wanted to say "Nice Profile Layout smile " Have a Great Day
Gregory Oliver Daniels Report | 01/24/2018 11:39 am
Gregory Oliver Daniels
Hey sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. I'm just meh lately. Being lonely sucks. Thanks for the well wishes. I try to be decent but I'm just not good at everything. lol I hate being single. It's all I ever hype about lmao Hope you have a wonderful day!

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