Knight of Silence

Name: Soin Aino
Age: 18
Weight: 123 lbs
Height: 5'9''
Birthdate: January 31st
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Hair Color: Blonde
Eye Color: Gray
General Body Description: Slender, probably more feminine that he should be.

Place of Origin (where did you come from?): Venus Empire, Earth

Personality: Creative, loyal, and thoughtful. A bit air-headed.
Phobia: Being someplace strange at night.
Favorite Food: Niku Udon, sashimi, and white rice.
Favorite Color: Depends on his mood.
Other Favorites: Playing music, clothing design, and people watching.
Dislikes: Sweets
Strengths: Playing a couple instruments, and being bilingual.

Closest to:
Luciano (The Sirian Knight) - Boyfriend
Alliyena Bellatola (Lovely Sailor Sirius) - Best friend; ex-fiance
Tyche Chiron (Sailor Epsilon) - Best friend
Nios (Nios Malice) - ???

Knight Title: Knight of Silence
Element of Influence: Metal and solar
Weaknesses (Physical): Muteness
Weaknesses (Element): Fire
Natural Abilities: He has a quick mind and can problem solve easily.
Powers (limited to 1): The ability to bend light.
Weapon: A light weight staff.

Background: Soin grew up in the future Venus kingdom, with his mother, Minako, father, and younger sister. When he was 7, he was out playing with some friends when things got a little too rough. Some bullies took a baseball to his throat and destroyed his vocal cords. His windpipe survived, but without a voice, he lost many friends and became distant from his family. He travels to the past to see what Tokyo was like at a younger time and doesn't leave.

Extra Info (optional): While roleplaying, Soin uses sign language to those who know it. Or he writes in a notebook to communicate. Usually, if it looks like he is talking, he's not. Just communicating. ^^



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This is why drugs are bad..... XD



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Crystal Sailor Pluto

Report | 01/31/2015 10:25 pm

Crystal Sailor Pluto

Happy Birthday Soin. I miss you. ^_^
Crystal Sailor Pluto

Report | 01/31/2014 4:16 pm

Crystal Sailor Pluto

Happy Birthday. ^.^

Report | 07/12/2013 7:36 pm


[Nooooo ;3; Tell her Ruby cant be held responsible for her actions xD

You gonna be with interwebs now?]

Report | 07/12/2013 1:30 pm


[long time no see. biggrin Goin alright. ]
The Sirian Knight

Report | 05/31/2013 9:05 pm

The Sirian Knight

"Of course not," he smiled. "I'd love to be with you, always."
The Sirian Knight

Report | 05/31/2013 8:58 pm

The Sirian Knight

The Italian smiled softly and kissed the blonde's forehead. "Of course, Soin."
The Sirian Knight

Report | 05/31/2013 8:47 pm

The Sirian Knight

"What is it, Soin?"
The Sirian Knight

Report | 05/31/2013 8:41 pm

The Sirian Knight

Rodolfo kissed the top of his head, gently stroking the blonde's hair.
The Sirian Knight

Report | 05/31/2013 8:32 pm

The Sirian Knight

"I'm sorry," he said. "I don't mean to do that to you. But I'm sure that would make her very happy."
The Sirian Knight

Report | 05/31/2013 8:25 pm

The Sirian Knight

"Pretty close. The poor girl just wants your affection."