こんにちは、私の友人だ !

Hello and welcome to my page, I am known as Veri,

I'm learning how to speak Japanese at the momment so don't be shocked if you see a bit of Japanese on the page.

I'm a very sweet person most of the time and bit timid, and i'm rarely angry at people unless they are up in my face so... just don't do that and we will get along great biggrin .

I consider myself a good writer because i've won a few contests and such so if you know any i can enter i would be happy to.

I experiment with the piano, but I do not play it

I draw too

... is it not obvious that i'm creative?

i think thats all for now but i will write more later...

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さようなら、私の友人だ !


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Report | 11/22/2012 6:02 pm


I remember just assuming you knew KH.
I felt like I took a huge jump to see if you knew it or not,
When you said something along "Yes I love KH teehehehehehelololol..."
It was like instant friendship!

Thus began the epic journey of Shyra and Hayree!
Well, Lee and Brad too. |`D

Report | 11/22/2012 6:58 am


I promised you this, a long while ago.
While I was going through my NARNIA files, I found it.
xD I'm looking for anything that I may have to delete,
but this one is a keeper.

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Report | 07/12/2012 5:23 am


I shall draw it on a tablet when my birthday comes around. Since my other has no pen now.
Tablets hate me, I swear. Oh well, my Auntie is giving me a new one. WHY? I have no clue. xDD

Mr. Something[[I know who you you are talking about, just no clue what his name is either]].
My files are DEFINITELY like Narnia, big time. I went through all my pictures yesterday, seeing if I have
anything in there, NADA. NOTHING. So today will be a quest into Documents. Bet they are in there. xDD
I was searching through Pictures to see if I created anymore banners, but now that I REMEMBER, I
somehow, somewhere, saved them in a document. HOW. I have NO clue..
High School-er in a Middle School. Nice impression. xDD I must've failed too many times to be in sixth grade at the time.
My binder did have SONIC on it wayyyy back then. I'm kind of into Sonic still, the obsession died down A LOT.
He is still childhood hero though. SONIC FOREVER....KIND OF. I remember asking you about KH that day too. PFFFT. Nerdy kids.

Report | 07/11/2012 11:07 am


Just drew me walking up to you giving a thumbs up saying "Hello thurr awkward horse, we are friends now."
And you're all like, "HERP DERP. MKAYYYY."

Yes, heartfelt message, received. Brownie point for me. And even after your rant on an Art Shoppe thing, I gave you a sweet message.
I actually think I finished that though. NOW I MUST JOURNEY INTO TH E DEEP MYSTICAL FILES OF MY LAPTOP.
BLURGGHH. God, I remember my first impression of you. It was, "She's a blonde, must be dumb. MUST KNOW HER." //captain Morgan stance//
First impression of Maja, "She's pretty and smart. Those two things cannot go together. WHAT HAPPENED OT THE WORLD I USE TO KNOW?"


Report | 07/11/2012 7:27 am


<3Before I forget:


アップダウンアップダウンアップダウンアップダウンの原因をええ、それは人生の縄跳びのようなを覚えてハード取得します。 C:
- で:ブルー10月< - WTF? 10ランダム。



Report | 07/11/2012 7:21 am


<3Just stopping by to give a thanks.
Yeah, thanks for making me smile for like the past three years or so.
We've finally are separating. You're hilarious, funny, energetic, smart, etc etc.
Hope you and Miles get that arguing thing down pat.
xDD I swear you two can argue forever over a simple math equation. xDDDDD

Oh well, it was nice, hope to see you soon areound Facebook and/or Gaia sometime.
Before I forget, tell Miles[[aka Maja, Direction Infection girl....LOLLOLLOL]] she was awesome too. c:

Love you girly, next four years of our lives will be over soon. I hope. ._.;

BTW, I expect something back, this took a while for me to think up!
;o no

Report | 06/11/2012 4:13 pm


I shall read more, well, I'm almost finished,
but seriously this...this monstrosity is confusing.
But funny as hell.

Report | 06/10/2012 11:42 pm


ur avi is so cunning, it made me do a double take. heart

Report | 06/10/2012 7:09 pm


Well, you kind of told me to,
So today I read it, not all the way though,
but so far, yeah I love it! XD