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~ About Me ~
Name: Blaze Gonzales
Age: 15
Birthdate: March 29th
Favorite Color: Cyan & Purple
Best Friend: McFagget ! She my mommy cx
Activities/Hobbies: Gaia & Xbox ( No life Tehehe ^.^ )
My Background: Teehee, well I'm just another teen trying to get my mind straight. I like puppies /.^ They soo adorable ! I try my best to look gallant in front of people I like, example who ever is reading this heart & I'm anybody's cuddle buddy ! As long as you're a close friend cx I am an extremely nice guy ! Unless you're mean :c I can turn into the worst a*****e known to mankind D:< Lave you
Wanna know more about me? Don't be afraid to PM me.

~ Lots of Love
Blaze heart

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Those with good attitude will get great emotions..Those with bad attitude will get silly emotions..

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