Thee name is Ally
I was born July 1st 1994 write that down because I want "happy birthday" from youuu.
I'm a really random and weird person accept it!
I am a b***h and i know it, it dosen't bother me any to be called what i am
I love animals so i don't hurt or eat them that means I'm vegetarian
Classic Disney movies are the bomb yeah i did really just say the bomb
Favorite shape is a star
My favorite color is purple&yellow
Got problems? you can talk to me I'm good with that stuff
I like to have fun and I'm a people person
I'm happy and optimistic
I can't spell to save my life so don't make fun of me
I love to read yeah I'm a dork
I LOVE THE RAIN. =]]] so if it's raining then I'll be outside like an idiot
Music is my lifeee
I want snake bites so bad I would kill a random guy on the street for them! I don't know what that would do to help me get them but I'd still do it =]]