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Report | 07/23/2014 3:02 am


Hi there! Would you consider selling Colorful Eurydice Eyes for ~8bill?
Or more generally, would you be willing to haggle your current price?
Thanks for your time! (๑´・ω・`๑)
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Report | 07/10/2014 8:11 am


Awwh, I think you'd do fine in stand up... For little kids.. Which DO NOT GET OFFENDED ... some kids need a laugh.. There are a lot of kids that don't seem to laugh and enjoy the happiness in their childhood.

It'd be awesome if you did that for kids.

Adults just seem to only laugh at sexual crap or " adult experiences "

Kid's though, It's a great thing..

I get along with kids more than I do other adults.. and because i'm an adult it gets super awkward.. (if you know what i mean..NO they don't hit on me they just.. the jokes... its.. i don't find it funny i find it kind of like " wtf.. your old enough to be my mom dude no please god "
So.. yeah i just prefer to have kids as a friend.. Though...The 14 up to 16 year olds are not... they're bleeping scaring.. especailly when they ask what grade your in... yeah.... I kind of stare at them dead in the eye and say " ...do you really think im like peter bleeping pan that just wants to stay young forever and hold onto dreams? I am a bloody adult. You watch your tone and respect your ELDERS

... God...
Like it's not even the curious question " what grade are you in " it's the " hey your cute what grade you in " i will NOT stand for that s**t. It's creepy it makes me feel like ....an adult.. is going to get slammed down and end up .....kay so i have a phobia of males i guess? but its' not even the boys.. This girl literally told me she had a crush on me and i again.. told her im an adult and im about to tell her parents. ...Which would probably put me as the bad guy???

v.v you can't win ... the adults are all pervy and want to get drunk with you and you just dont want to get drunk ... your friends that are your age all want to get drunk... Its like.. why have friends anymore? at least online you DONT know what they do unless they brag about it thinking it's hip and cool and all that s**t.. i just can't....

Then when you decide " you know what.. imma hang out with the middle schoolers " .. lets just say my best friend lives around a block community thing? so like.. kids galore ._. sometimes i hate that. Reason be like i'll go to the ******** park to swing.. THE SWING IS BLEEPED UP.. and when you try to fix it.. YOU MAKE IT WORSE. .. I had a bad day that day... I was literally.. if i saw a kid.. i was going to yell at them over a damn swing.. T_T like it was so bad i was tempted to call the police and ask if there is a park ranger... you dont even know...

..I feel like your going to call me that P word.... Which if you or anyone ever does.. I will cry and end up in trauma state. no joke.

Though there is this one little kid who was super nice but a little too nice.. He didn't even know me.. I was walking by and he yelled " hiiii " I tried to keep going but the kid literally ran up to me and asked what y name was .. all i could say was " im a stranger. dont talk to strangers. " little kid said ' okay " and went back to the yard just e.e

.. idk.. Theres days i debate on adopting a child but i really.. doubt i could take care of it.. no child should be taken from a shelter into something that... idk.. I may never be able to adopt. plus i'd end up a single parent cuz i just can't love someone for a long period of time without the feeling fading.

Plus there's school.. I"d always worry. Then there's the allergy panic. I over think too much and it makes it to the point where it's like " you know what... maybe a child just isn't for me "

Then there's that show n tell crap. I hated that in school. I couldn't bring anything that i liked to show and tell about so i ended up ..i don't remember what i did. and then theres the whole " family tree " that the teachers have you do... What would I do? The kid's adopted for bleeps sake. I never want to be that parent that doesn't tell the kid. I'd be open about it. The kid wouldn't even have to call me .. They can just call me whatever the crap they want i dont care. I would never try to replace their actu
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Report | 07/10/2014 1:27 am


e.e duuuuuuuude

...I was curious what my profile said and i noticed my " stalkers " and saw your username and my brain was like " click click DING "

...Sleep is not my friend tonight thanks to energy drinks.. I knew it was a bad idea but the bubbles that go down your throat.. ;-; I couldn't resist...


...wow.. " enter the following:
there is no spoon "
That makes me kind of sad.. What's a fork without their spoon D: < YOU MEAN ... THAT IS IT
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Report | 07/03/2014 8:40 pm

B l o o d S u g u r

ypu playing my song XD
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Report | 06/27/2014 5:57 pm

im a remy girl

cool avi
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Report | 06/16/2014 4:40 pm


cool avi razz
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Report | 06/09/2014 1:52 pm


We love you too. heart
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