HAI Stalkers and Haters and Lovers<3! My Name is Cassandra But u can call me Cass CC or Cassie [: my age is 1_ if ur a really good friend of my u should know i came out of my mom stomach is May 20th, 19__ so get me something nice or wish me happy birthday. What else to say :] hmmm, i have a wonderful family but they yell at me too much but they spoil me alot x]. im happy to say i have a best friend name is isaac emotion_yatta .Me and Israel broke up on Feb. 4th almost valentines day i was mad a bit but me and him be came really good friends now thanks for alliayah, starr, and Lordus And mostly Dania for her telling what stephine said and i told alliayah and she spread it around and we told israel and they got in a fight today and we got israel back :]!
Haters: Brady, Joshua, Mostly Stephine and more. u know what idgaf what u say about me i can just beat ur Fat Asses but i dont want to waste my time with yall cause i have a life ok and yall dont so dont say s**t to me if u cant say it in my face kay <3 yall just make people hate u and make me for famous <3!
Lovers :] : Dania N/H , Alliayah N/H , Lordus N/H, Starr N/H , Vicky N/H, Shawn, Alfred, Diego, Israel, Erik, Rene, Fred, Jose as brothers :]! Mostly Isaac <3! Thanks for being there for me and help fight and talk s**t about bitches :]!~
i love mostly everything i play tennis, Cheer leading, dance team and i sing
Cheer leading= Captain
Dance Team=Vice Captain
My goal is to Finish Middle school, High School, and go to collage for about 4 to 5 years to become a writer :]!
Well Thats it for now Bai! emotion_kirakira