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Birthday: 10/30


yes i'm a hippie! :] and my names nyabil. 15. sophomore, central high, i watch mtv hits(all the time), be nice or go no where in life. free spirit, i live and breathe for freedom and peace. welcome to israel. im sooo psychological, psychedelic and always thinking. wal*greens, moccasin's, headband's, converse's & sprite! conquer my life.musica: lady gaga, lmfao, micheal jackson, the beatles, *nsync & cher i will always love them even when there not "cool"! 1999-2009 have been the best years of my life; schoool may suck but being at home bored sucks even moree, learning is great, meeting new people is greater, having funny story's and memories about them both is the
f u c k i n best :]

<3 miss lady gaga!



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-Lady GaGa