In my view, cynical is just another word for someone who isn't an ignorant optimist

I help those who want it, I protect those who ask for it, and I care for those who need it.

That sort of is my way of thinking.

I have been on Gaia since 2004, and in those years I have had one fight and one warning from the gaia staff. I have since them had many attempts of people hacking me.

One of my favorite claims to fame on Gaia, how much I purchases my Kiki and coco kitties for. Ah yes those half a million and million gold items. I purchased my Kiki for 6,000 gold and my coco for 8,000 gold. And I thought THAT was breaking the bank. lol.

Anyway. I've worked with the public for about 5 years. And in doing so has made me a bit of a cynic. Gaia has been a fun thing that I come back to. As you can see since I've been here so long.

My biggest problem with people today is they think the meaning of tolerance and acceptance are the same. Indeed they are not. I say this in regards to anyone who thinks I HAVE to "accept". I do not have to "accept" anything. I have to tolerate people who think and act differently than myself but that does not mean I have to accept them as a person. I accept people as PEOPLE, not by who they f*ck or what God they do or don't worship.

Sexuality. I really don't care who you f*ck or why. I do not believe that who someone f*cks should be the center of who they are or why they are. I do not cram who I screw in your face and I EXPECT you to have the same courtesy.

Religion. Religion is just like sexuality, everyone's experience is different. I have taken religion classes and find religion in itself to be incredibly interesting. I envy those with faith.

I will not give you gold, earn it yourself.

I am a lover and a fighter, b*tch.

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Thank you much for donating. It was an unexpected surprise!

"Your people killed my people!!"

"No. My people killed everyone's people. What makes you and yours so f*cking special?"


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Love what you have to say about sexuality and religion.

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Best signature ever... rofl

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Pretty gift for a pretty interesting personality~/random potential stalker/ T'was small. But hope ye like it, t'was on your list after all. <.< >__> And... yay pretty hearts and stuff.
Atalina The Fallen Angel

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Atalina The Fallen Angel

haha your signature is awesome

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I enjoyed your siggy.

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Your sig is awesome. Where did you get it?
Lt. Wolfwood

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Lt. Wolfwood

Profile comment.
Purple Robot King

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Purple Robot King

I just wanted to say that your signature made me laugh. That is all.
Like Totally Not A Mule

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Like Totally Not A Mule

Even though there is a difference between the two, I would rather be "tolerated" by someone who dislikes me for whatever reason rather than “accepted” by someone who’s looking to earn a merit badge. If people can only become tolerant, then that's good enough.

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lol I just read your sig. Thats funny. smile


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There is a difference between Tolerance and Acceptance. Please learn it.

Stop PMing me about my f*cking sig. That's what profile comments are for.