I'm a motion graphics artist who enjoys concept work and game development in his spare time.

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Learning to Swim, the journal of a poor art student

All I ever wanted was to be a cool comic artist. Now I'm a broke college student with a bookshelf full of DVDs, an entertainment center made from milk crates, and an unhealthy likelihood of injuring myself while playing DDR. Boy did I get in over my


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If you know someone who can please send them to me.

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Can you draw manga pages? If yes, are you interested in earning Gaia gold for drawing manga pages?

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Thank you for replying!
Ah.. So i'm assuming you're new to Gaia? I guess it all seems quite confusing at the moment, huh? Well, the more time you spend on here, the more familiar everything will become. As for gold, you can use gold to buy new clothes at the marketplace or in the shops and you can buy fish for your aquarium. I find that a good way to make gold on gaia is to buy and sell in the marketplace.
Maybe when you're more familiar with gold in Gaia, you'll be able to put a price on commissions. Personally, i'd say each commission would be worth about 10,000g/15,000g but that's my personal opinion. It would be good to ask people in the art arena what they would pay for a commission from you.
Good luck with your art anyways!
You're a very talented artist. smile

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Hello smile
I saw your art in the arenas and i was just wondering how much it would cost for a simple sketch simular to your "Ise Nanao" and "Mitsuru Sketch".
If you don't take orders then that's fine. Just thought i'd ask. ^^
Your art is awesome, by the way.
Very talented.
Lunar Harvest

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Lunar Harvest

your 'beast of spades' entry is amazing!

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oh thanks

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ur welcome