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Report | 04/21/2011 3:14 pm

Kachi Firebird

Hey Snoe. I just saw your status. and eek that is scary!! I hope the police got them...
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Report | 04/11/2011 7:11 pm

MiYo Usami

-cover butt-
don't look at my little tush
*shakes it* whee
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Report | 04/10/2011 4:48 pm

I Kitsune I

X'''D lmao nuuuu hahaha
Yeah I'm talking about my blender over there >w> it's got blue/grey teeth and it's trying to eat me for trying to color its teeth white >w< rofl

I'm frustrated with the software I use for my computer animation class called Blender :''D
I can't remember how to color the teeth on my werewolf D':
It keeps coloring him all white or blue/grey D;
So right now I'm just pressing random crap O : <
I did try making the teeth a seperate object but it just looks utterly ridiculous D; so maybe he won't have canines X'3 he'll just have to be a toothless werewolf
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Report | 03/30/2011 3:56 pm


Dear 3PIC Snoe,
Hey Snoe, living large on that Spring Break? Of course you are! If not, pretend it.
And if that doesn't help imagine yourself outside yourself pretending to be enjoying >;3
(Hope you didn't get sick because we all know that will suck). :3
Ooo how's the glimmer on those nails?
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Report | 03/25/2011 9:57 am


I had been having horrendous headaches this week too. Barely able to function >.<
Tummy aches too, but I am pretty sure those are from starting -.-
Amazingish otherwise. Well yesterday. Until last night...not doing so well since like best friend ever rift. Yeah...trying to figure it out >.< It is really bad, and IS my fault. Not just depressed it is my fault. Literally my fault...
You my love? =D
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Report | 03/24/2011 4:46 pm


I love you
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Report | 03/24/2011 4:37 pm


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Report | 03/24/2011 4:36 pm


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Report | 03/23/2011 9:32 am


I did it again -.-
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Report | 03/23/2011 9:30 am


You don't have to apologize, Kim <3 You're totally fine ;3 Like I said, we'll all be here for you when you need us <3

Nyxie is doing great! I'm so happy with how she's been progressing. She listens pretty well and responds to commands so much better..she's still a little hesitant lol Sometimes she can't figure out with one is 'sit' and which is 'down' xD Right now I'm more concerned with getting her out of the house and socialized..she's getting shy with people she's never met and that worries me a little bit. I don't want her to growl and be fearful of guests >.< So we've gotta start getting her out of the house.

Do you have any fuzzy companions? o3o


Really? =D
Yes, making her a playful outgoing pup is very good and worth the time ^^ I know I could use it more <.< XD

3 cats.
A.J. turning 12 years
Aeri 2
Koekje (It means little cookie in Dutch X3) is about to turn 1 year.
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Report | 03/22/2011 7:10 pm


I am glad to be back =) Again, I am sorry about all of it. *blush* How have you been? Nixie been good? X3
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Report | 03/22/2011 12:15 pm


My butt is back XP
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Report | 03/21/2011 1:14 pm

MiYo Usami

how are ya love?
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Report | 03/20/2011 6:39 pm


Hey Snoe!! I was on zOMG milliseconds ago yes. I was watching Vit's boyfriend do some rodeo getup act. I'II picture you the screenies. biggrin
Yeah I miss playing too with you also - such funny moments. How've you been? Not sick are you?
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Report | 03/17/2011 7:41 pm


hi hi!!
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Report | 03/15/2011 2:31 pm


Haha yeah!
Winter is ending so it is getting warm here =] 30 is awesome!
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Report | 03/15/2011 2:30 am


You're welcome! =]

You look springy!

Hahaha, it is 30 here in Alaska!
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Report | 03/14/2011 2:01 pm


Snoe, your avatar is so cute biggrin
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Report | 03/11/2011 7:08 pm


lol been better
gtg actually work!
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Report | 03/11/2011 4:59 pm


^^ hey
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