About Me

Hello, welcome, please feel free to look around. You have been lucky, or unlucky, enough to stumble upon my dear profile here. My name is Snicketfile2014, but feel free to call me Sam, Snick, Snicket, or Russia. As you have probably noticed by this point, I love a few things... 1) Harry Potter and 2) Art. You may also have noticed that I enjoy a wide variety of music, and role playing... You may not have noticed however, that I like the colors: Red, Black, Purple, Silver, and Green. (Not in that order of course) Also, you probably didn't notice that I write poetry. Now that I have pointed such things out, please chat with me. I might seem cruel at first, but don't worry. It gets worse.
Reading is my life. I'm currently reading 3 different books(Romeo&Juliet, Storm Thief and an interesting collection about American History.)
I finished Harry Potter DH on May 27th, 2010 and again on July 17th 2010, and again a month later. And again some time after that... And then again... And again... BASICALLY A LOT!
My best friends here on good ol' Gaia include(but are not limited to) JKDreamer, StaceyRawr, In All Reality, Bluetears418 and MichelJacksonKing4ever. So... That is the important information about me. Want to know more? Just send a PM and ask away!