Man I have not updated this thing in years lol. Anyways nice to meet you! My name is Laura and I'm basically a low tier weeb who draws anime for a living.

Not a ton to say honestly.
Signs: Leo (Sun), Scorpio (Moon), Virgo (Rising) and in pretty much all my other signs lol.

Labtech N is my Mule.


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Mana Caelum

Report | 06/03/2019 2:56 pm

Mana Caelum

I'd play Don't Starve with you if I had it.

Honestly, same. I could make time to play games but there's nothing interesting for me to play.
Doesn't help that I'm picky. Lol.
Mana Caelum

Report | 05/26/2019 3:48 pm

Mana Caelum

I can tell you what I'm not into. Lol.
None of the mainstream games (like fortnite) or Call of Duty interest me.

Report | 10/12/2018 10:37 pm


are you keeping that avi for Halloween or is that like your normal avi..?
a smol bab

Report | 10/12/2018 3:49 pm

a smol bab

heart heart
I just wanted to do something to thank you for the art. When I tipped u; u tipped back and I didn't wanna get into a tipping war XD <3
I am just glad you like it ;w;
a smol bab

Report | 10/12/2018 6:59 am

a smol bab

I know its not much; but I already saw u owned the other arms of it; I just hope you like it ;w; <3

Report | 10/09/2018 8:46 pm


how would you differentiate ipad pro vs surface pro..?

i knew you can do digital drawings on the ipad pro, didn't know about the surface pro though.

i've never ordered off amazon... idk i just feel a bit weird about having to use a credit card directly on there instead of through paypal..

well idk if they accept paypal now lol, i havent tried ordering anything from there for years now since i tried from way back

..wayyy back lol

Report | 10/09/2018 6:17 pm


oh im honestly so glad i found you on here lol

cuz i was honestly thinking of getting the cintiq once i'm more financially stable,

thinking about it now it's good to get advise from people with experience,

afterall.. spending almost 3k on a tablet ain't a joke,

i'm gunna start looking into the xp-pen i guess,

i've seen that it has it's own screen and what not, do you know if it "needs" to be connected to a computer while being used?

cuz ive only ever used intuos and well obviously that one has to be used with a computer lol

Report | 10/04/2018 11:55 am


idk if youve used cintiq befor, cuz i definitely havent ( too poor rn to afford smh), but i am thinking of getting that when the right time has come, do you think it'll be better to get the ipad pro and pen tho..? i've only ever used intuos in the past.

Report | 10/04/2018 11:29 am


oh you are goood at drawing too cat_3nodding

Report | 10/03/2018 10:04 pm


cool avi yo


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This is my art yo~!