I like techno. I also like to use ALL CAPS TO TROLL THE NOOBS LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Haha. Anyway, I also like cowbell. What a seemingly useless instrument. (Example: "Don't Fear The Reaper") Well Im running out of ideas and care. So anyway.

Love, Snake.


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Social Entity Report | 01/26/2012 11:31 am
Social Entity
biggrin Hey! I haven't been on for a while either. How are you?
xp q t Report | 01/23/2012 4:03 pm
xp q t
awwwh, appointment for doctor ? ;x
& kaaaay<3. maybe another time c; ?
xp q t Report | 01/23/2012 3:10 pm
xp q t
D; fuccckkkkk.
xp q t Report | 01/19/2012 12:51 pm
xp q t
as long as you're helping meee :$ emotion_bigheart
xp q t Report | 01/18/2012 3:26 pm
xp q t
handouts ? o;
my hands are always here for youu bby emotion_dowant
xp q t Report | 01/17/2012 5:37 pm
xp q t
youu can have mine<3.
Social Entity Report | 03/12/2011 11:03 am
Social Entity
you have good taste of music, you know that?
teddy_of_hope Report | 03/06/2011 6:04 am
You're fantastic, did you know that? Of course you did. You just forgot. I'm here to remind you.

It doesn't matter what you look like, what your race is, what your religion is, or what people think of you - all that matters is that you're a wonderful, unique person, and you deserve to be happy.

Smile. You owe it to yourself.

And I'm always here for you. heart
Social Entity Report | 11/06/2010 7:44 pm
Social Entity
i am sorry
i haven't benn on Gaia for like 2 months
sad hope you weren't too loney xp
Sophie The Wannabe Report | 10/23/2010 8:08 am
Sophie The Wannabe
Thanks Lady 8)

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