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about me

old name: Livyah


Sorry if I don't reply fast, I'm busy and only log in for a few minutes ~

but while you're here,
you can check my (old) runways and avies please (人・∀・): User Image ; User Image

A "smol" vid to make your day better I hope: User Image
others (click on the links for a surprise): asdf movie compilation ; potter puppets pal ; history of the entire world i guess

I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me.

you can leave a comment anyway if you like my avie, profile, have common interest(s) or want a bad meme/Vine ~

- this is an old profile I'll change one day -

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Marveling Adventurer Report | 01/15/2023 8:25 am
Marveling Adventurer
emotion_rainbow gaia_star Cute avatar and background! Love the color them! heart gaia_sakura
TA-Regret Report | 10/15/2022 3:59 am
damn u r out of luck
TA-Regret Report | 10/14/2022 5:39 am
i'll help u stop binging it
give me ur netflix password i'll change it rofl

then change it back when ur done studying whee
TA-Regret Report | 10/10/2022 5:23 am
bahahaha okokoi
heather-ranes Report | 10/08/2022 8:15 am
Thank you for your purchase dear heart
TA-Regret Report | 10/07/2022 5:32 pm
ahh noooooo i'm so sorry lol....

I THOUGHT U SAID U WERE GONNA REWATCH WHICH is why i thought u were finisheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddd
TA-Regret Report | 10/06/2022 8:23 pm
best moment loL
TA-Regret Report | 10/06/2022 8:21 pm
tell them they don't even need to watch season 1. just start in the middle is what i did xD
TA-Regret Report | 10/05/2022 8:51 pm
i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove
parks and rec


i miss it
RavenHarpy Report | 09/13/2022 12:03 am
Thank you for buying! Love your name & theme!


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