Once upon a time....

There lived a human being, or so they thought. Anyways, I live in a place in the United States on Earth. I was born within the last century. emotion_donotwant
Well, my hobbies are music, art, writing, reading, and wasting time. ^.^
I like music tons. I go through phases with my taste in music, but I never really dip into rap. Right now I'm currently obsessed with folk songs, etc.
I like sweet foods over spicy.
i prefer ruban (made it up so dont bash me!) over rural or urban.
I prefer cats over dogs...in fact i love cats...a lot... cat_surprised
My future goals :
-Lose weight, Go to study in France, get rich, take over the world, have a castle built in the middle of a major city for to casually live in, Have a pyramid built as my tomb in the middle of the city. Sounds legit.
Anything else you need to know, just ask. emotion_eyebrow