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Hi xD Bye lol


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Daddy's Little girl

Aye diss Nelsonn Firstt wifeey KATE A.K.A kateey.... well listenn upp Niqquuhhs && Bishes ... Ima say dis fast ... orrr sloow lol anyways he mad niice hes funny as hell.. he cracks meeh upp ... ohh i ******** him already lol jkjk....hes niice if yhew nice to himm first ... <3 does he care bout yhew? nope he doesnt xD he cares bout meh!!! LAWL * Hes been derr for meeh haha!! HARD TO BELIEVE RIITE well believe iht hooes! Hes mahh Chocolate bear LOL.* I owns himm && he owns meeh hehe c: ive known hiim for like 2 yrs or soo <3 Dayuumm Nelsonn Nicee bodyy!! >: D If i hear dat summ1 daress to bother diss boy yher qonna qet hurt cuz ill kick yher asses ihf i need 2 xD.. Forqot 1 thinnq Nelson ihs dah sexiest Niquuh evaa lol c:Well liistenn here imma qoo cuz mahh head hurtts <3

Kates Hack (Katey): Aye biishhees && niiquuhhs diis kaate cominnq ihht onn mah hubby hacks : D whutt cann i say!! <3 is he funnyy? Hell yhea!! he makes meh pee
lmfaoo. Ihs He cute? hes dah sexiest niiquuhh aliivve xD ... Does he love yheww? Dayuumm duuur hee does am special xD.... Dis boii has been derrr for meh trhu thickk && thiinn <3 OH OH HE HAS A NICE a** BODYY! LIKE DAYUUMMM<3 hmm i dnt want no1 messiinnq wiit mahh boyy cuuz i will stiick a polee upp yher a** !
Hes One of mah Mains c: soo yhaa I LOVEE HIIM SO MUUCH!!.... ihs he niice? hell naww xD jkk yha he ihs ihf yhew r fiirst ;DD Ive alreadyy fuuckked hiimm plentyy of timmes hehe c: WELL okaii niquuhhs dahhts all for noow ill catchh upp laterr bruuh <3 DIS WHUUZZ KATTE OVA && OUUT<3

The Wifey

;D My bby <3 so many words that descrive your sexy self XD I love you sooo much, we always do everything together and your always with me no matter what, when im sad, mad, or crying you are awlays there for me smile you are funny,sexy, nice, perfect, incridble, and more xD the love we got it will always be with us xDD i love you alot baby -your baby angelina <33

Hey BBY ;D Last night was awesome, ESPECIALLY ON THE TABLE ;D!! LOL Nelson you are my love, my everything <3 I love you no matter what and will always love you no matter what<33333 When ever im sad your there with me, you make me laugh and smile every single day, you bring me back up whenever im down and is always with me no matter what <33 I have like 1 word tht describes everything bout you, Perfect, Incredible, Every Thing ;D ok thts 3 words but idc <33 I love you BBY- your love Angelina

Hey BOOBOOH Angelina Hacking Yew!!! Your the most bad a** mofo that i have met in my entire life! So funny, sweet, my hubs hubs, nice, caring, sexy, hot, and more. Wenever im down u bring me bak up, when i cry u cry, wen im sad ur sad, wen im laughing ur laughing, u always put a fricken smile's on me face.. XD i luvs yes to death and ima never ever gonna let u go so dont even try to let go of me bc the friendship we have i doubt u have with anyone eles (litterly speaking) I love u my bestfriend!!!! <33 <--- c[:

Tabby <33

Whats Up?..? ♥
Nelson Lover's; (-.-*) ii Noee; Him Forr A long Time((; i Nvrr Hated him*-*
iiLOVE HIM SOO MUXXH;<3 He iss really Naughty ♥ Nelson iss the sweetest Guy ever; Ndd promise Yhu Thatt for shurr XP -Hugs- ♥He is really Hard workin dude ♥ hawtt as hell's ;P i bet he is wayy better then urr bf -jkaay-*^__^ <//3 Nvrr leave me nelson V___V T___T <//3 iiLoveYhuuXD >///< ii hiide under his bed ;o >///< *im kidding;o* ii wish XD he was the best thing; thtt everr happened to me ♥
Yhu Are The Best c[; ♥ ii gotta shut The ******** up now ;o >///< Byye c; -kisses//hugs-*

x) About this dreamyy guy Nelson is the best dude everr when yuh effin meet him yuh wont forget a momment i noe this cazz he is my bestiee *hehee* and aways ganna be one =3 he is the freshest niqqqa to hanqq with...<3 He is one hawtt a** byxtch ^O3~^ LUVV U FOREVER X)) (*and ill nvr forget yuh*)
*nd all gurlls dream guy*



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