Name: Ashley
|Aqe: 15|
|Born: USA, AZ|
|Live: USA, AZ|
|Likes: Music, hanqinq out with friends, meetinq new friends|
|Hates: Liars & people who steal other peoples’ ideas|
|Sports I play: Softball.
|Fav colurs: White black pink & purple|
|Wut I wear: Jordan, skinny jeans, & t-shirts|
|About me|
| Im a type of qirl who is shy but loves making friends!
| I listen to Screamo music! Yeah! <3
| My favorite characters are cookie monster, Hello Kitty, & Domo.
My mood changes alot, so im im nice then all of a sudden mean, please excuse my behavior
| I’ll accept almost any friend requests.
| I’m friendly now & then but sumtimes im bitchy . but oly when certain people haveto go and tick me off >O
|Well I think thts about it any questions or anythinq PM me & I’ll try to respond as soon as possible. Bye : D