Hello and welcome to my page. I love to flirt and draw, so comment at meh or send me PM's offering to buy art <3 I don't give freebies through PMs, so stalk me if you want my freebies XD Also, cuz I love being stalked XD

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equilor Report | 09/04/2014 1:55 am
your a** is prettier heart scream
equilor Report | 08/23/2014 8:47 pm
Congrats! that sounds cool and good for free rent too.
im in a new zealand house and it is cheaper than renting. 60$ but we got crappy neighbors.. kinda.. hard to explain a old lady lived there but now her family is all over the place sadly. so its a bit frustrating
i wished we lived in the country ;//////

i hope your new work goes well for you.
equilor Report | 08/23/2014 8:18 am
it can be tough moving from your mother the first time. i dont get along with mine. she doesnt understand my arthrtiis. i hope things get better for you.
sometimes we gota do what we gota do to survive ;/ it sucks though
equilor Report | 08/23/2014 8:15 am
you got engaged? im sorry that it didnt work out. my op was cancelled so i am gutted. life seems so tough these days.
equilor Report | 08/20/2014 9:14 am
awah thank you. im super nervous. but i know how much i need it.
the pains been horrible lately
but how are you /? anything new?
equilor Report | 08/20/2014 9:02 am
was good to hear from you. i got news earlier today about a hip replacement i am super scared. its in two weeks!!
Tangled Puppet Report | 08/18/2014 3:09 pm
Tangled Puppet
Aww, that sucks.
Oh well.
Tangled Puppet Report | 08/18/2014 2:37 pm
Tangled Puppet
Not a man. A woman. Heh. She's pretty awesome. We're not an item yet.
Do you have AIM or Skype?
Tangled Puppet Report | 08/18/2014 2:03 pm
Tangled Puppet
Because he was an a**...and I just...wasn't in love with him anymore. Plus I love someone else.
Tangled Puppet Report | 08/18/2014 1:37 pm
Tangled Puppet
You almost got married?!
Oh my!

I broke up with my fiance. >>