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You Will. You? Will. You? Will.

This will mostly be used for my ranting. Oh. And pictures; cause that's how I roll.


Remind me to update my interests.

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my name is hannah.
feel free to add me.

i am 16.
i love my name; i love it when other people use my name. so use it.
sometimes people call me 'big tom's sister' cause big tom is my brother, stupid.
i love lots of people.
megan and i and going to blow up the moon colony.
i have lots of shoes. ask me about them sometime.
i am weird yayy for me.
on my permit it says that im 4'3" hahaa.
i keep a coloring book and crayons in my locker at school.
i got new sunglasses hooray : D
i let my black nail polish chip off.
im not straight edge. but that's awesome if you are.
i photoshop, like, everything.
i <3 piano.

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that is megan and i <3 her.
i also love tuxedo. he is a 13 year old cat. he's my baby.

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my music <3
Bright Eyes and Taking Back Sunday are my favorites first and foremost.
The Academy Is...
Senses Fail
Deathwish Nine
Brand New

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my movies <3
Life As A House
Star Wars
The Phantom of the Opera
Bill & Ted
Corpse Bride
Final Fantasy VII haa.
Interview With A Vampire


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david_gell Report | 02/11/2007 6:10 pm
I like the dinosaurs on our page! they make me feel young again! how I miss the sandbox day's!
Nepenthe Revision Report | 09/11/2006 3:05 am
ooh I dig the dinasuars. That's ubber remanesence
Ashley Urikoshima Report | 08/09/2006 4:55 am
Comment for you! heart
Rigel The Exiled Report | 08/06/2006 4:03 pm
good M O U R N I N G. Report | 08/02/2006 5:52 pm
I like


you need more friends dawg. =[
X_Love.Is.A.Gun Report | 08/01/2006 10:51 am

good M O U R N I N G. Report | 07/30/2006 12:08 pm
meh heh
popped your cherry.


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peace or happiness
so let it e n f o l d you