Here's the dream avi i made;
User Image
Total Value: 155,943 Gold, 1,000 Tickets
[Item Information]

Item List:
#FFFFFF Complex Band
Lilac Sparkle Empire Dress
White Wool Top
Ballet Toe Shoes
Buck Teeth
Elegant Veil
Flashion Rose
Silver Hoop Earrings
Fairy Wand
Gold Mountain Tie (black Heart)

Christmas avi;
User Image
Total Value: 54,403 Gold
After Exclusions: 51,956 Gold
[Item Information]

Item List:
Clown Nose
Hot Basic Skirt
Red Heart Arm Tattoo
Red Tied Top
Black Leather Belt
Black Strapless Bra
Spirited 2k6 Corsage
Spirited 2k6 Gloves
Missy Pearl Ribbon
Winter Rose
Winter Fox Mink
Spirited 2k6 Boots
Spirited 2k6 Gift Bag
Elven Ears
White Stockings

heart Donaters heart
_doggylovers--x -- marine neck ribbon, silver hoop earrings.
melting_heart_288 -- gold.
_moonliiight -- 500g
sweetstash -- items.
ilovetsuchi -- alot of things smile
_Laydee T0paaz-x & trish333 -- donating soon heart


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Report | 11/16/2007 4:36 pm


nice avi!! please help me on my quest for a summonining tome right now i ahve 2k some User Image so ppooor

Report | 11/13/2007 5:41 pm


haha .. i dont really mind if you always keep talking about it .. just dont feel bad for him , its not your fault ! what did keanna do like what did she say to him ?

Report | 11/11/2007 12:40 pm


Vivian =)

haha ! bowling yesterdaay was awesome User Image we were bowling at the same time before we left XD haha .. && that guy was talking to storm to say one at a time XD haha . what time did you leave tanis's house ? anywho User Image .. haha .. i still remember the order tanis - bob , storm - stormar , jessica - billy , ME ( cammy ) - cammy jonas User Image , sarah - cherry luver , you ( vivian ) - vivarr .. haha User Image LOL , and that blue light at tanis's HOLY . it seemed like you dont see every move User Image and me and storm were acting like 6 year olds XD those fake guuuuuuuuuuuns for taag XD haha that was fuunny =) aww , but sarah didnt feel well .

Report | 10/31/2007 3:53 pm


o0o commeent agaain =) BUAHAH , i OWNED yoour comment !! ooh , and we have a new student todaay his name was ivan bolchuck .. we were full in our class , but then shaun "moved" .. and there was a "different" "new" person and his "real" name is Ivan Bolchuck XD .. haha , he might dress like thaat on fri. caause i told him too .. but he might not since were going to MTYP .. for the 6ers - 8ers . yeeeno =) buut its like a 40% he might leave the school && IVAN BOLCHUCK is coming .. haha XD .. soo yeaaaah User Image unno if i go t-o-t .. probably , caause it seems like it goot warmer ?? .. caause likea few minutes ago it was sunny ?! .. so yeee User Image haha , uuh .. are yoou still gooing w/. maaddy , im still going w/. my cousins to fox warren .. uhh , ella asked me if i can go t-o-t ( trick or treating ) w/. her .. but i saw idk if im really gooing .. caaause i just maade soome plaans aft. school w/. my cousins , caause im going w/. theem ... since every year we usually go together ?? .. && my cousins cousin is cooming so ill be awesoome User Image) .. but my other cousin who we always go w/. is not going w/. us since she's going w/. our nephew Seth .. but we might go t-o-t w/. her aft. uh , typing randoom User Image) i want it looong =) buaha , idk .. i just want to comment on your profile .. o0o , todaay was FRICKING cold -_-" i almost freeezed my butt out theere !! .. ughh , if we haad our original paras ( mr.hawarth , mrs.roberts , ms.bjornson ) we woould like be inside 15minutes ago .. !! like when we were out .. WHO CAN STAAND THAAT COLD User Image .. well maybe other people , but mee .. NO WAAY ! haha , random XXD .. uhh , well yenno .. are you putting your costume on for t-o-t .. o0o hoope i see you !! caause aft. me & my cousins go fox warren for t-o-t were going around my other cousins house which is kinda close too your house not really but yee .. i asked my dad when were going t-o-t caause hes dropping us there and hes just going to te other end , so when we get to the other end were going to go in the van and warm up , theen go to the neeext roaad User Image he told he whenever my cousins & i go .. but its so LIGHT outside .. its not daark yeet .. ssoo hopefully its daark by 630 or soo .. caause i want to go t-o-t !!! .. haha , eeeh -__-" i haave to shaare my candy w/. my brother , cause i dont think hes going t-o-t since hes kind of sick or hes too oold XD haha .. but yee , its alll gooooooooood =) rigghtyy ?! haha , aah .. maake a facebook User Image so i can chat w/. you there User Image lol .. haha , and soo yeeeno User Image haha . so make one this week or next week .. you dont have too but if you want to sooo yeee User Image haha okaybyee , haave fuun t-o-t & taake caaare vivian <3

Report | 10/31/2007 3:39 pm



sorry i caan't go -t-o-t w/. you & maddy .. im gooing w/. my cousins @ fox warren , then my coousins plaace for more t-o-t User Image haha , well hoope you get a lot of caandy ! i know what snaack to bring on fri. ! CANDDY =) and mooore User Image .. haha , well haave fuun;; " taaake caare vivian <3

Report | 10/30/2007 4:26 pm



thaanks fooor the greeting vivian !! haha wooow looooong User Image) .. User Image o0o .. haha , uhh why dont you be a dead princess caause then im a punk one .. lol , i need a black skirt but no one has one soo i might just weeaar my purple , orange skirt ..idk yeet .. but yeaah , haha long entrrie .. caant beaat thaat ?? uuhh , todaay was awesoome =) haha yeeeepp !!

Report | 10/29/2007 5:16 pm


Heeey =)

well i might be a dead halloween princess .. cause im going to wear all black & orange & a crown .. ooh and gurvir , me , sarah , kristina & storm are going to be quintuplets User Image haha , were going as princesses .. gurvir : gangster princess , sarah : pretty princess , kristina : goth princess , storm : emo princess .. haha , but i made suuure storms not going to cut herself .. she said only once though so i let her .. haha , its her choice though .. just dont want her to cut herself alot .. but idk , we might change the plans about our princess quintuplets thing .. yenno . uhh , idk what im going w/. for trick or treating .. having 2nd thoughts on not going w/. my cousins and maaybe go w/. you and & maddy ? yee , whoo knoows .. might just go w/. my cousins . cause yenno how craazaaay halloween is at nigght .. FRICK , its craazzaaay . i heard that someone almost got killed for scaring his little kid or something like thaat .. see , uhh .. idk yenno , just thinking on whaat , still getting everything ready for tmw the gaame yenno , shaping up for tmw .. uhh , mostly getting on the gaame & being on time for practice at 8am tmw , && yeenno just mostly getting on my costume .. like idk , thinking what i should wear instead of that whole much dressing up getting a costume at the store , pree making it =) CAMMY"S STYLE NOW ! haha , might just like wear arm warmers pearl necklace and all blaack .. OHH SNAAP . i should be a punk princess smile YEEAH .. okay i change my mind User Image HAHA .. okaay =) i might tell YEENO .. but idk , uhh .. MAYBE NOT kaay so dont go freaky on me tmw User Image byee <3 WOOAH , long much ?!

Report | 10/28/2007 4:00 pm



you dont comment on my profile ..

whats up w/. thaat ?!

haha , ugh .. practice at 8 on tuesday .

GAAAH , we have a gaame -____-"

o0o my birthday thaat daay User Image


lol , anywho who cares about GURVIRS b-daay User Image

jkdng , haha .. uhh .. random !

Report | 10/27/2007 3:36 pm


kayy , i have to go now ..

im going to my cousins house

cause its his & her birthday .

Report | 10/27/2007 1:41 pm


uhh now everyone is copying me because i made a christmas avi >.<