I am Rennai Loammi and i have switched users. I am a fourteen year old girl. i am bisexual and i am in a relationship.
My other character PKitty is no longer in use. I decided to switch users, to start on a clean new slate.

According to the personallity tests i have taken, i am an idealist, a healer. Whether that's true or not i used to not know.

I feal i've been given a second chance. Actually it's probobly a fourth or fith chance, but another chance all the same. i look at my cousin, she recently turned one. She doesn't know what the world will hold for her. how corrupt our society truely is. she is still free, protected. And i admit i envy her. But i also feel sorry. Comming into the world and having no previous knowledge. We as humans are truely corrupt. but each day, each week, each year that we grow we learn from our previous mistakes. No, the situations will not be the same, but yes we can take horrible actions we've made in the past and turn them into better ones. we can clense ourselves of our own rivers of blood and turn them into holy waters of blue.
It may take a day, or a life time. but given the chance we can be forgiven...right?

i have been given the chance to clense my blood filled rivers...and i decided to take that chance and fight on. I've been made anew. born again, but with all the knowldge and understanding of my last life. Some one or something set me free. whether it was a good friend, a boy friend or a girl, i don't know, maybe it was a combined force. but i looked at my life, at me, and how my friends treated me, looked at me, and i knew i had to change.
I'm no longer weak, timid or even fragile. i no longer have to depend on others for my support. i dont need some one to talk to, and i can no longer feel sorry for those that have the power to help themselves but choose to steal from others. i no longer pity the rich or have hope for the poor.
i'm only me and i'm the best i can be.
i no longer cheat and steal.
i no longer fall to my nees and beg for mercy.
i no longer say sorry when it's the other person's fault.
i no longer wait for other's to speak, but come in ready for humiliation.
i no longer pretend to listen to others when i only want my turn to speak.
i hold my tounge and do the only thing others cant do for eachother. i listen. i help. ...i heal.

i'm no longer afraid.


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It's my life, my thoughts, and my world that some of you can never grasp.



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XxCandy MonstaxX

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XxCandy MonstaxX

hi comment bakk

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Thanks for the buy

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Kazuyasu Lord of Skies

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Kazuyasu Lord of Skies

HAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYY KAI-CHAN!!! *uber hugglies* How ish it going? =3
Disney Hero

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Disney Hero

Of course not.

Tho I dont think she'd be Kim, she wants to rule the world, not save it.

Id say she was the other hottie on the show, Shego.
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Disney Hero

Uh....I guess? ^///^;
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Disney Hero

I know, John Smith was kinda lame.

But Ron is a PIMP!! XD

C'mon, he IS dating the hotness that is Kim Possible.

Plus, the Naked Mole Rap is the bomb.
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Disney Hero

Hey, actually I have cosplayed a character! ^_^

I was John Smith for a bit.

Now Im saving up to be another character.

As of now, Im a lame version of Ron Stoppable XD

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no i don't know you and thanks.....


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