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my names Pat, I love music and slaying bitches
thats mine!

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ASHLEYASDFGH Report | 07/10/2011 8:33 am
Haha, wait so what name am I using? Sliph?
send me an email homie.
ASHLEYASDFGH Report | 07/09/2011 8:42 pm
i'm not superrrrr at pixelation? of course i will work with you and try it but i'm just warning you, haha.
i think it'd be best to have a certain font for the name sliph, if you want it to be 8-bit that'd be super easy. but then just have that be kind of the "icon" is that the name is generally the same on all the albums, looks wise. and then worry about an album cover.
i always think its really cool to have an actual drawing turn in to pixelation, like, gradually. digs y/n?
ASHLEYASDFGH Report | 07/07/2011 8:23 am
you know it bro. watchya got in mind?
Alkayde Report | 05/05/2011 1:24 am
Ok, dude, 'I Owe You One' like really. All sorts of lyrics and words to stuff jumped at me listening to that. I forgot how much I enjoyed writing, till I listened to that. Quite awesome. Oh and I'm glad ya liked the early birthday gift!
ASHLEYASDFGH Report | 05/04/2011 4:47 am
haha, shpanx!
very good, got some good friends of mine helping me instead, actually. I hadn't put that offer up in the charity thread because the artists who come in there usually seemed to not want to be on the front page (they used to be) because of what happened the last few times we had artists..
but they found me in the art forums and applied and they're totes in cool
how does ya music?
ASHLEYASDFGH Report | 05/02/2011 1:01 pm
whats the trade for bro!
MADStarfish_GuildMule Report | 04/28/2011 10:29 pm
Hello Sliph, thanks for joining the guild. We're happy to have you there, we hope you contribute too in our guild and have fun.
If you have time, kindly tell us more about yourself by clicking here. Thanks!
Gracious and Benevolent Report | 04/18/2011 5:12 pm
Gracious and Benevolent
and on the fb page you might want to re-post the nostalogica playlist because the first thing you see when you go on is ppl's cooments
Gracious and Benevolent Report | 04/18/2011 4:39 pm
Gracious and Benevolent
Not yet. But maybe around easter break, and this summer I'm planning to make a lot of music
Gracious and Benevolent Report | 04/17/2011 2:35 pm
Gracious and Benevolent
oh yeah, and "liking" your status


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--i like your style.


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