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Hello cloud sleeper lol how u?

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Yeah never thought it'd be possible to see an inflation on here. But it happened.
Some of the items that maybe used to be around 300k or so are up to 3mil and higher. It's ridiculous.
I sold a bunch of my stuff a while back and as of right now I'm at 24mil due to all the super high-priced items right now.

Aww thanks! I try to make cute avis. Sometimes it takes me a bunch of tries until I find one that I really like. I have to say this current is probably my favorite right now.
Haha funny you mention that. Cuz I'm working on avi art for this one right now. It's been a while since I've done avi art and this avi is simple enough I can draw it without too many details to worry about. xD

Yeah that's the plan. But I'll only be getting my Associates right now. I've been struggling way too much with school and just want to get out at this point and get my foot into my career.
I figure if I can find a place willing to pay my way through school to get a Bachelor's then I'm good to go. Hah yeah I don't wanna be a grown up, though. Dx Being an adult sucks.

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Well an early congrats to ya, then! :3
And yep I agree totally. We're not rushing anything at all.

Yup not often, but I do try and keep stuff updated on there. I don't post everything, though.
I have a lot of art in my sketchbooks that never made it to DA.

Haha well I've accumulated a lot of items over the years of being on Gaia and sell those that I don't use, which can give me enough gold to kinda buy new stuff that comes out every now and then.
The legs and the arms/balloon are the current evolving items. The hair is from this month's montly collectible. Most of the other stuff I've had for a while.
I like a lot of the items Gaia has come out with. The problem is they keep bringing back an item in the cash shop call "Flynn's Booty" which can give you from 50k-5mil gold or something like that. People have been buying it like crazy which has resulted in a horrible inflation in the marketplace. Things are crazy expensive now.

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Thanks I'm trying! :3
Yup! We celebrated two years back in June this year.
We know we're gonna get married some day and raise a family and everything, so yeah I'd say definitely serious. [:
Thank you. I hope so too!
Haha yeah I change my avi a lot. xD

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Yeah I'm not going to teaching now, though. I went back to my original major which was Graphic Design.
I probably still have some time to go, but hopefully not longer than a year or two I hope.
My boyfriend and I wanting to find a place together which I'm hoping will be within the next few months. He's just been too busy at work for us to find time and go look.

Well I've got two roleplays going right now.
One is a Fairytale based roleplay and the other is Pokemon.
I want to open up a University-themed one soon. Just haven't really had the time.

Yup I won't stop drawing. That's why I decided to switch back to Graphic Design.
Art has always been a passion of mine and that won't ever stop.

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Not much. The same old stuff.
Just busy roleplaying here lol. And juggling work and school as usual. xD
How have you been?

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My sleepnessa thank you so much for all the wonderful gifts. I can't wait to get our avis together for a play session...they'll be the cutest kids in the park! Love and kisses baby you're the best heart smile

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Hey! Wusup? i haven't seen/talked to you in such a long time!! Hows life?! biggrin

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COOL AVI heart

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lol i dont know what happened either