Hrrm... I forgot to tell you all this, but Sladgen is dead. Yup, I'm done in Gaia, so don't expect me to show up anymore.


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The Book of Sladgen

It contains random thoughts that come to my mind, and some other stuff too. XD


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Report | 04/20/2006 1:34 am


Yeah! Go Sladgen, not like the baka would be coming back to your page to read it..

But yeah! xD

Report | 04/07/2006 4:45 pm


Hey Kurai and Kavi! XD and moron person..... -.- I very well believe that since I have done extensive research on the Shinobi, and what they were before that, that I know more then a 13 year old n00b that can't spell or use proper grammer. Now, I'm not saying age decides intelligence, but there are quite a few idiots who have just entered puberty. Get over yourself, just because you're asian doesn't mean that you know everything, or anything, about the Shinobi. If that were true, I don't need to take half of my Social Studies because I already know most about European history since I am most of Europe, that's just moronic to the highest degree. Oh and.... My Avi looked and looks better then yours did in the Avi contest, I got more votes and a higher rating, that shows that mine was and is better. XP Oh, and if you're so l33t, come to my guild and start something, I dare you.

Report | 04/06/2006 4:15 am


I agree with my sis ^^

Don't mess with B xD

-=Charlie's angel music=- Mwuhaha -=Go's in Charlie's angel pose=-


(( Note: Danger, danger, chocolat rush))
Kavika Honou KiriKuro

Report | 03/29/2006 8:47 am

Kavika Honou KiriKuro

Lol, Vanguchi just because you are Asian dose not mean you know everything. I'm irish and I don't know everything about Iriland. Sure I have vast knowlege of various alcohol products encoded into my DNA.. But.. Lol I doubt you yourself know everything about the Shinobi. Learn to spell so type in nicchuukantougou. I'll understand, dear. : ) You know nothing abotu B, so.. shush. ^_^

Report | 03/19/2006 1:21 pm


Oi! Act a bit nice to the fllow would you? Don't make me mad ^^ You don't want that -=Nod=- Yo! Sladgen, what's yp? ^^ Brother in law =3

Report | 03/02/2006 7:21 pm


damn fat white boi thinkin u know shinobi better then anyone else..u just can't give sume one a one for thinkin they're havin there avatar not lookin like a shinobi. punk. I'm asian and know way more than u. believe me.


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