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About me and my obsessions

Well.....you wanna know about me?
Here's some info:

- I love Vampires; I hate Twilight. Yes.....I'm a Twilight Hater.
- I love the movie Daybreakers & Red Eye
- I heart LOVE heart to roleplay
- I just put the hearts in the roleplaying sentance cause I felt like it.
- I watch Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Young and the Restless
- Xander, Spike, Giles and Willow are my fav. characters from Buffy.
- I am in love with Edward Dalton. He is the main vampire in Daybreakers
- I like almost all music except for contery.
- I make spelling mistakes.....don't sue me.
- I am semi-literate to literate, depending on how I feel and how interested I am in the rp
- I am currently obsessed with Jackson from Red Eye and the Red Eye movie itself.
- I am currently obsessed with a song called Dead In The Water by Hawthorne Heights
}{I will update this when I remember things that I forgot to add}{

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