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Not much to say, really. I'm 17 years old, I love art, writing, and just hanging out with friends. I speak English, Spanish and some Japanese and French, I like learning new languages~ I don't usually act my age, I just go around randomly screwing with people's thought processes. I'm pretty much your average artist. I'm horribly forgetful, potentially spazzy, and consistently mood swinging. I try to be nice to everyone, but if something about you irks me, I will let you know indirectly. I'm not exactly talkative, I'm more of a listener anyway. I always say what I want to say in the most concise way possible. I enjoy talking to different people. I'm terribly shy when first talking to others, for fear of intimidation or something going wrong. I'm pretty much scared of everyone at first, until I get to know them. I am a very obsessive/compulsive person.

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