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My name's Jeffery Valentine, (yes it's my real last name). My name's Skylar (spelt with an a not e for a reason! Reason being, that I think it looks better with an a not an e). I'm 22 years old now, though it may not seem like it cause I kind of short of act like a little kid some times. I HAVE D.I.D.! (Dissocective identity disorder, though I still call in multipule personality disorder). And I can be an a**hole some times but that's just because I'm bi-polar with split personality disorder too, that and I'm just an all around d**k when I want to be. OH! Very f**king improtant information you must know! I'm gay ^~^ I don't always act like it but I am. Oh, sorry if you try to talk to me if you're playing a game the laptop is rude and doesn't show the little chat thing so I can say anything. I'm not ignoring you I just don't have the ability to talk back in those. But I can in zOMG! But nice to meet you if I don't already know you. I guess I'm just one of those people that remind you that you shouldn't judge a book by it's cover. Just because you've seen the front and back doesn't mean that you know what inside it... >.> Why does that sound poetic? Anyways, enjoy reading my smart a**, rude, childish, and random comment's, post, status, ect. Thank's for reading this if you did. razz Oh, and if you'd like to see what I look like you can look at my Facebook. the pictures get more recent the closer to the bottom they are.

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I'm probably not going to write often but I'll probably write allot and mostly either about my day or poems or dreams I've had.


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A Heros Fate Report | 01/11/2015 4:53 pm
A Heros Fate
Just in case you prefer this profile for some reason... here's the same message for you

I don't know if you're even alive anymore... I have a bad feeling it's a no. But still, I miss you Jeffery. I miss you a lot. You're the best friend that anyone could have asked for and I'm so sorry that there was nothing I could do. We filed a missing person's report, we tried calling the police there but as soon as they found out you were gay they had no interest. I can't... I just... I love you Fairy. I really do. And, even if you're gone I'll keep periodically posting on here, just to let you know in some way that I miss your face. And I'll celebrate your birthday every year until I die too. You're basically my brother and I'll never forget you. But, if you are alive, I hope you read this and realize how badly I need to at least hear your voice.
CatHanah Report | 02/16/2014 9:29 pm
I see...
CatHanah Report | 02/15/2014 3:34 pm
I'm good. You?
CatHanah Report | 02/15/2014 2:57 pm
HI smile
Guez Whu Report | 02/15/2014 5:54 am
Guez Whu
ᘐᘎᗴᔓᔓ૪ ᔕᗩ૪ᔕ:
❥ Mm that's nice c:
Well, I wish for his safe travel c:
Guez Whu Report | 02/14/2014 10:10 pm
Guez Whu
ᘐᘎᗴᔓᔓ૪ ᔕᗩ૪ᔕ:
❥ Ohh ;o
Tell him to move in with you xD
Aww thanks! ;u;
Guez Whu Report | 02/14/2014 8:56 pm
Guez Whu
ᘐᘎᗴᔓᔓ૪ ᔕᗩ૪ᔕ:
❥ Aww that's so nice >u<
I wish I could live with my best friends too~
We haven't even have a proper sleep over yet gonk
Oh? When is your boyfriend going there?
Guez Whu Report | 02/14/2014 7:58 pm
Guez Whu
ᘐᘎᗴᔓᔓ૪ ᔕᗩ૪ᔕ:
❥ Yea, it's been a while xD
Mm I see c:
Aww that's nice xD It's good you have your best friend with you
so you don't feel lonely xD
Can I have some? xDD
Guez Whu Report | 02/14/2014 7:42 pm
Guez Whu
ᘐᘎᗴᔓᔓ૪ ᔕᗩ૪ᔕ:
❥ Heeyy c:
Happy Valentines Day!! xD
Who you gonna spend it with? ;D
-nudge nudge-
A Heros Fate Report | 02/14/2014 1:52 am
A Heros Fate
...I want a grilled Cheese Sandwich... with Garlic Salt... and an Apple Streudal thingy... and then I shall read a few more chapters of the Laughing Corpse


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Best friend!IRL.

Don't remember his actual name but I like him too. ^~^

I don't know her real name but she's amazing to crew with. ^~^

My favorite leader EVER! :3

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