The names Malfoy, Skylar Malfoy.. Nice to meet you smile

Hey everybody, how you doing? biggrin
Main things really...
Nearly 15, loving life biggrin
Love coming on Gaia and meeting new people! biggrin
Trying to make my dream Avi, but still unsure what exactly shes gonna look like! biggrin
I like to be unique because well, everybody's different biggrin
I love to be myself, and I love people who are themselves around me biggrin
I'm genuinely a very smiley bubbly person so feel free to chat to me or add me, or both! biggrin
My favourite bands even though there is already a box for them, would be Avenged Sevenfold, Evanescence, Hollywood Undead and loads more! biggrin

So err.. yeah i think thats about it biggrin any other questions feel free to ask biggrin
Thank you for visiting my profile! I hope to see you around Gaia soon! biggrin
~Skylar J xx