My art request thread, A Dream Within a Dream
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Feel free to call me whatever you want. I have many, many names...
Paine. Sky. Kinra. Ginger. Bunny. Luv. Manami. Takeshi. Shouga. Aishou. Lilie. Löwin. Sexual. Catastrophic. Euphoria.

One of the best lines I've written...
"Words need not be spoken when music, if played from ones soul, paints a clearer picture than any artist may ever masquerade before ones eyes. Because music, is a reflection of ones soul."

Sky Thompson is an OC I created a few years ago, though recently I've decided to become semi serious with her.
She was initially created to be a Death Note character, though I've been thinking of making a few fanfictions with her involved, as well as creating an original story.
Sky has her own portfolio of artwork. heart
Her intelligence rivals that of Light (Kira) and L (Lawliet/Ryuzaki).
Though unlike L, no one knows her real name or what she really looks like behind her disguise.
She has a name for every face, a place of birth for every person, a biography and background story for every death, and is a wonderfully deceitful person.
She can be your greatest ally, though she will never fully trust you.
Besides.... Why trust someone, when they can lead to your downfall? To your demise...
Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.

The person behind the pixels and OC, is a far different person...
While I may be wary to trust you right off the bat, I'm still a very open and easy going kind of girl.
I treat everyone with kindness and patience.
Though I have a tendency of joking around with friends a lot, some think it's serious. It's all in good fun, so lighten up and live a little, won't you? wink

My daughter means the world to me.
She comes first, above everything, including myself.
I'd do anything to keep her safe and happy.
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