Hi Im James but alot of my friends and people call me Jay.
Anyways this is the run down about me

Im 6'3 210lb i just started working out if u cant tell from my pic lol.
I Love To Draw Anime
Make Dollz
I Love To Cook
Cooking Is My Life Right Now
Im Taking Cooks Training In College
I Like To Play Alot Of Sports
I Love To Chill & Hang With My Friends Alot When Im Not Working
I Play Magic The Gathering

I Have Some Pic of Me But There In All My Journal If You Want To Take A Look At Them


Rp Character

Gaia Name: ~)LordNiteMare(~Name: Lord NiteMare (( Jay ))
Age: N/A
Race: N/A
Gender: Male
Weapons: Demonic Shadow Sword
Powers: N/A
Attacks: N/A
Mega Attacks: N/A
Bio: N/A
Pet: Black Demonic Wolf
Look:User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
Other: So Far No One Knows Where He Came From or Who He Is But The Only Thing They Do Know It That He's Not The Bad Guy