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Awesome people, dammit

Things that have been donated to me:

Captain Ara's Nestegg - From Anonymous Benefactor. I love you forever. I just...AUGIADOREIT.THANKYOU.
Demonic Anklets - From GCD Grinch 2008. this=hoshit, I've been questing for one for months and just...I LOVE YOU GRINCH YOU ROCK. totally in debt. Forevers.
Mythrill Armor - Major wooooow And O.o wow
Bonsai Wings - Midd-Nighta, thank you! I really think these are cute and am glad that someone gifted it to me.
Dark Elf Staff - Domo!
Black Spider Choker - Is very cool. ^_^_^_^_^
Panda Plushie - O.o wow
Gold Promise Ring - Yet another thing to knock off my wishlist!
Maid Collar Necklace - From a fellow .Hack fan, Redbud-Tree! I love you, thank you!
Dionaesil - From Zodiac Leona. Seriously, I love her for this. People keep helping me with my list! I love it!
Diamond Galaxy Grenade - From GCD Elf 088. Thank you! *glomps*

Who the hell am I?

Hey, I am Sky of the Silver Ocean. If you're reading this for some insane reason, you might be interested in knowing "Who the hell is this b***h?" Well, I'll tell you a bit.
So, my nickname is Sky, nothing else. It's been Sky for three years now. People online and in real life often refer to me as that. So, call me Sky. I was born in Virginia, near the ocean. I currently live in what I would refer to as hell, Tennessee. I am 17 and going to be a senior who acquires average grades in honors classes despite being quite intelligent in truth. I have a little sister, who is annoying to me at times, and a dog named Sierra, who I love. She's a brindle goat dog giraffe thing. I'm not quite sure exactly.
So, I have few friends. Very few. One is on the other side of the country. Another is a bird that masquerades as a human and loves the arts. Another is someone that I love very much, even though he doesn't feel the same about me.
If you've read this far, you have a really great attention span. So, I'm not just obsessed with the few friends I have. I'm also obsessed with reading and animes and mangas and drawing and gaming! So, my favorite authors include Piers Anthony, Anne McCaffery, and Garth Nix. I just read the Princess Bride(abridged), because I loved the movie. But I'm not into romance in my reading material just so you know. I hate Twilight. Of course, I don't like vampires either. So yeah...anyways, I love all sorts of manga. You'll find some in my the side. Yeah. I also like anime, but not as much as manga. I'm not really into watching TV, but when I do, I love Mythbusters and Doctor Who and Burn Notice. That's pretty much it though. I'm starting to draw more and might start drawing avys soon even and I also make graphics, for fun. And gaming...I love, so much, Okami! I adore wolves and the like, and it's just so...gorgeous. I also like KH, Odin Sphere, FF, Persona, and many others.
Music. I love music. I love to sing and attempt to play guitar. And I love rock music and the like. I love The Killers and Flyleaf and Breaking Benjamin and much! Mmm, music...
I'm an odd chick. I whatever. I'm interested in genetics and anthropology and psychology, especially the psychology behind religion. The human mind interests me.

And, a little something about my avatar. It's like a game character. She changes as would a character in a story. She's gone from a mage in a warrior monk temple to a traveler, with her Gumball and Wish. You see, she was born with the skin of a demon in her small village and cast out. However, The Dragon Temple found her and took her in, training her to be useful. She became something of a temptress mage, until she decided to leave to temple and become a Traveler.. Her outfit changes some, but usually stays to the same thing. The same point. So yeah. That's it.

That's me.

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kinnykins Report | 06/25/2010 9:33 pm
Thank you for your comment.
User Image - Blocked by "Display Image" Settings. Click to show.
As for the shoes, I decided that I could either use shoes that look exactly like his sans the red spats, or I could use red socks and shoes that don't really look like his at all. I went with the former, after much searching and deliberating.
The cat pin is very much appropriate, not that you can see it in any of the reference pictures online. xd
Anyway, thanks for looking so deeply into it, and I'm sorry that the concessions I made weren't enough for a 5/5 from you. 3nodding If I enter again, I'll be taking your suggestions in mind.
Taku Emiya Report | 06/18/2010 10:25 pm
Do warn your mother that there are graphic sex scenes, though. XD If she really enjoys Tsukihime, then she'll be happy to know about the other three "stories" besides Arc's route. Ciel is whatever, but Akhia's and the twins have really interesting routes.
sweet apple butter Report | 12/29/2009 11:52 pm
I actually think that the fact that we have gods in the plotline already makes Gaia a perfect opportunity for a fantasy/mystery combo.

And dude, I'm entirely sure that if Gaia introduced it into the plot, everybody would begin to love it eventually -- a lot of people are just afraid to give it a chance.

They couldn't really do the whole repetition thing that's famous in of Ryukishi, as that'd be SUPER copyright infringement, but hell, I want a gore-y mystery dammit! ;A;


Best friends best friends best friends~~~ ;A;
sweet apple butter Report | 12/29/2009 11:36 pm
[/clings to]

I know right? Holy crap I'd love to see a truly messed up plot like Higu/Umi/Mirai Nikki in Gaia for a while.

Alas, it'll never happen~ ;A;
Mirastella Crowley Report | 11/23/2009 1:34 pm
Hello! I just came here to say that I'm on this week's and you can see if if you want to. Btw, thanks for the help the last time. :3
Mirastella Crowley Report | 10/20/2009 8:35 am
Thanks for the comment. Check it out when you had the chance. Thanks~ :3
Bakkuru Fuguhara Report | 09/13/2009 1:32 pm
thanks for buying enjoy interesting name btw
The_weird_monkey779 Report | 08/27/2009 6:40 pm
Yo thanx for buying hope you enjoy that!^^
Reiisa Report | 08/03/2009 12:41 pm
Thanks for agreeing with me and my friend. By the way, I love the art on your page. :]
EpandaBoo Report | 07/02/2009 7:57 pm
Can I trade Fremere's Guard 5th Gen. for 100k

Please your so cool and rich


And I'm byTsukita-chan!

Neh, I'm by Hokito!