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I'm naked underneath this! o_o



I have purchased flame clothes, I have purchased the pimp set, I have purchased fairy wings, I have even purchased every female piece of underwear. I have spent whole days doing nothing but posting, I have spent whole days doing nothing but lurking, I have spent whole days doing nothing but trying to buy a Nitemare Scarf for under 40k (hey, I succeeded in the end!). I have flamed in the GD, trolled in the Chatterbox, was sniped in the GCD Sniper Game, and debated in the ED. I have whored in the Avatar Talk, I have pwnzed a forum, I have told others of their impurities for having under 1000 posts. I have bragged about my two year stay on Gaia, I have bragged about my three year stay on Gaia, I have run a small one day charity that gave a person a hockey mask. I have run an art store in the Minishops, I have made a rating room in the AT. I have had a bumping contest with Oi!TillIPuke, and failed. I have wished to be a Mod, I have wished to be an admin, I have wished for every donation item ever released, except for the bear and monkey pajamas, but very few people really know what's up with those. I have quested, I have begged, I have donated, I have sold, I have traded, I have vended. I have dreamed up item updates, I have suggested item updates, I have even signed the kilts petition. I have changed my username many times, I have changed my avatar's gender many times, I have made a dozen mules. I have obsessed about gold, I have owed gold, I have loaned gold. I have been hacked, I have been flamed, I have been abused by three people with Halos, I have earned over a million gold at once. I have lost someone on Gaia whom I was close to, I have broken up with someone on Gaia, I have gone on a three month Hiatus from Gaia. I bet on Edmund in the Olympics, and cursed the woman in the red dress. I have whined about the storyline, I have obsessed over G-Corp, I have memorized every time and date and detail from the Labtech Journals. I have been at events, I have talked with NPC's, I have theorized about what is to come. I PMed Lanzer (to no avail), I have decoded journals, I have looked in unreleased forums. I have seen item spoilers, I have assisted in inflation, I have cursed inflation, I have told people that inflation is the decrease of monetary value due to surplus. I have voted in the art arena, I have voted in the avatar arena, I have voted in the housing arena, I have voted in the public polls. I have walked every map in towns, I have picked up my fair share of trash, I have plucked many a garden of flowers for my own selfish purposes. I have fed robots bugs, I have fed robots trash, I have fed robots flowers. I have recieved candy from store owners, I have sung them carols, I have searched for Eggs, I have shot zombies, I have bit the uninfected. I have upgraded rods, I have purchased Grade A food, I have tried and tried again to at least catch one of the top fish. I have rolled the slots, I have yearned for the chance to get three halos on slots, I have beat the dealer in cards. I have role played, I have haggled, I have hung out, I have traveled the world map countless times. I have joined guilds, I have quit guilds, I have created guilds, I have sold guilds. I have co-founded one of the most influential but least known GCD groups to date, I have appeared in the once popular Gaian podcast PTAG, though the episode was never aired due to a dispute between the creators of PTAG about who actually owned it. I have tried to keep a journal, I have tried to organize my friends list. I have recieved chain letters, I have recieved friends requests, I have recieved random donations. I have hoarded rarities, I have collected things, I have stashed items that I thought would increase in price. I have Probed Cows, Tipped Cows, Zapped Aliens, Probed Users, Kissed and got kissed by hundreds of users, answered (really easy) trivia, Lurked for Clovers, lurked for feathers. I have done odd quests for all kinds of odd sponsors. I have played the Word bump to levels that I can't even remember, I have raced in a rather odd game, hitting almost every cow and UFO, while missing every zombie. I have watched every movie and public service announcement in the Cinemas. I have pumped water for Gambino, I have thrown water baloons at Cindy Donovinh, I have thrown water balloons at my fellow gaians in both forums and towns. I was online during the first time that there were 100,000 users online, I have made 10 thousand posts, I have tried to design an item for Gaia, I have ordered a Grunny, a G-Corp Shirt, an OMG, and Tentacle arms from the Gaia store. I have marvelled at the new %2 charge for the Marketplace. I have been stunned at the appearance of cash cards, though have been still unable to find one in stores, I have been amazed at the existance of Evolving items, I have still wondered if the Battle system will really ever come out since the first time it was promised "in a month" back in October 2004. I staked the HELL out of people who thought vampires where cool, I have opened OMG boxes, I have opened Ancient Chests, I have purchased every first generation evolving item (up to this point, that is.) I have helped orphans, got that weird Facebook app, and get email and SMS updates whenever there is an announcement or a new PM. I played in the closed zeta of zOMG, I played in the head start ticket crowd of zOMG, I was one of the first to get a level 10 ring in open beta of zOMG, I've trick-or-treated in zOMG, I've beat the end boss in under ten minutes in zOMG, I've seen the Bass'Ken Lake Monster in zOMG. I have battled dark elves, humans, vampires, and zombies, and worked wonders on all four teams. I've also done some of those achievement things.

I am your average Gaian.


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Skiz-Erz's Scissors.


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[ t e h d e b b e h ] Report | 09/08/2011 1:23 pm
i actually thought of you as i adorned my face with the cucumber slices.
Nechinechi Tesaki Report | 09/07/2011 11:15 pm
[ t e h d e b b e h ] Report | 11/22/2010 11:12 am
i have mule friends already.
it's not the same.

[ t e h d e b b e h ] Report | 09/06/2010 5:00 pm
next time i come across the drawing, i'll scan & send it to you.
Novibear Report | 09/06/2010 9:03 am
cool avi and nice profile
[ t e h d e b b e h ] Report | 09/03/2010 11:45 am
your current avi is my favorite of yours. it brings back zomg endboss memories.
i think i even drew it once, out of boredom. i completely forgot until just now.
The Boys Republic Report | 09/03/2010 12:03 am
lol achievement ;D
The Boys Republic Report | 09/03/2010 12:02 am
cool avi
The Boys Republic Report | 09/02/2010 8:58 pm
I filed my third hacking report today.
I hope this actually comes out ok.
yozarian2 Report | 09/02/2010 5:41 pm
Different time zones maybe?




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