04/02/10 <3


The #1 killer in America.

100% of people who die are presumed dead.

If you are presumed to be dead, you will be buried or caught on fire.

If you believe you are dead, please see a doctor.

I still feel that almost nobody reads these, but to the people who do-
I'm Skylar, close friends call me Sky and some skysky. I have skype, tumblr, facebook, and pretty much all the social media considering it's half of my job.

I am working towards a law degree and currently majouring in Graphics Engineering and Business Administration. I am a Web and Media Specialist, so I pretty much fix the code on big projects that everyone else ******** up.

I've been dating a guy I'd been best friends with for years. Overslept is his gaia name, spam him 8D

I've been on gaia for what seems like forever, but my best years were 2009-2011. I love PMs and comments.

I'm really easy to talk to and a really great friend. At least I hope I am.

I'm an avid video gamer, almost any genre. I was a freelance journlaist for a very large site for over a year, and I've been sent to E3, PAX Prime and East, Gencon, Escapist Expo, and a couple others. I love horror games, and RPGs; though pokemon will always be my favorite.I am very picky when it comes to shooters; I love the games but hate the multiplayer. I am a Sony girl forever.

For closing, here's a list of useless things:
I have green eyes; I love sushi; I met my boyfriend through gaia; My toes are the right size; I wish I had more fried chicken; I've been taller than most of my boyfriends; I make better friends online than I do in real life; I see myself as far too clingy; I have a great sense of humor; I have even greater friends.

I'm looking far
and searching harder
but when I turn on the lights
it just gets



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So you like The Legend of Korra too!? yum_puddi

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I STILL have an outfit with the unaltered BOO skin.
Mythey Maysonia

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Mythey Maysonia

You shouldn't have to make your own birthday cake, let Justin or your friends make it, or buy one at the store! I wish I could send you a cake... cry
Mythey Maysonia

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Mythey Maysonia

O U xd

So you have a birthday coming up this month, right? Any plans?
Mythey Maysonia

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Mythey Maysonia

Hey Sky what's shakin'?
Menchitah xD

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Menchitah xD

Lmao xD
Menchitah xD

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Menchitah xD

Lolwut o_o

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Heyy ¬ blaugh blaugh
Teh Savior

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Teh Savior


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i send you cholate


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I'm questing heavily for lobo ; w; DONE 8D

I love you more than you think I do <3