If you would like to know more about God, you are at the right place!

First of all, are you aware that God loves you, created you, wants a relationship with you on this earth, to ultimately spend eternity in heaven with you? Yet to do this, God wants us to first get right with Him by doing just one thing, and that one thing is to ask Him into our hearts. Why? Because He created us and He loves us. God holds the great gift of eternal life and He offers it to us freely. Because we live in a fallen world, a world full of uncertainty and disappointments, we often fail to recognize that God is always waiting for us to look to Him for guidance and for support. Often, the fast pace of life, the distractions and confusion of this world, and or the guilt over the mistakes in our lives drive us away from a merciful, gracious, and loving God.

Sadly enough, most of us know very little about God and His great love for us.

For most of us, the little we actually do know about God, we have only heard from others, others that may not truly know God themselves. How often do we hear leaders and or the media refer to God in disrespectful ways? Instead of the world looking to God for answers, we continue to stumble our way through the life

Governments are in disarray as they seek answers to today's problems with mere temporary solutions instead of relying on the power of God. And the church is often in its own world asleep, or dealing with its own challenges. We look to this world for solutions that can only be answered by God.

Most people are in despair and or dealing with apathy.

As the world changes daily, we are left with more questions than ever before. How often do we feel powerless like there is no hope? Yet in all of this chaos, there is one thing that never changes, the one who has all the answers to this world's problems- it is God and His written Holy Word, the Holy Bible.

So, how much do you really know about God?

Is the God you know an unapproachable and or condemning God? Is the God you know a stranger

or your friend? Do you know God as loving, full of mercy and full of grace? Are you filled with lasting inner peace and understanding, or do you walk around with many questions? Maybe you are carrying the weight of your guilt over mistakes you have made in the past? Maybe you feel God has wronged you somehow. Or maybe you are simply too tired to even think about God.

We have questions that simply cannot be answered with the things of this world, yet we stubbornly continue to seek answers from where there are none.

Have you ever wondered why there is so much pain and suffering in our world, or why there is little hope? Have you ever asked yourself, what is my purpose in life? If I was to die today, where would I go? Does anyone really care? The answer to these questions are all in the Bible. There is a hope, there is a promise and there is an answer. And the answer is found in Jesus Christ. Going further....

To go on further with this reading, it is helpful to know a few things about God and ourselves. Now this may be difficult to read, but are you aware that everyone is born with a sin nature, and God does not like any sin? Are you aware that according to the Bible, we have all sinned and all fall short of God's glory? God’s Word calls us to be perfect, and yet no one in this world is perfect. Do you know that our sins actually keep us away from a Holy and Righteous God and also from experiencing God's full blessings? Blessings that He so freely wants to give us. Because our sins separate us from God, we often think He is not really there and does not really listen to us or love us. Have you ever felt like that?

There is both "Bad News" and "Good News" in the Bible. But before we can value the "Good News" in the Bible, we must first understand the consequence of the "Bad News"

This may again be difficult to hear, but the Bible states that the punishment of any sin is eternal Hell. Without God's forgiveness of our sins there is only separation, condemnation, judgment, wrath and Hell. This is the "Bad News", but rest assured there is also the "Good News" to come. Congratulations!!! Many wonderful things begin to happen when you give your live to Jesus. To name a few:

1) You are washed clean of sin and made righteous with God forever, giving you the assurance of your salvation!

2) The Holy Spirit dwells in your heart forever giving you direction and discernment in life.

3) You are given access to a Holy and Righteous God, through prayer, through Jesus. SUMMARY

a We have all sinned (whether a small lie or murder, sin is sin and the penalty is same)

b At death, we are all judged (we will give an account on judgment day for our sins)

c The penalty of all sin is eternal hell (the Lake of Fire is our due penalty, forever)

d God provides man a solution ( God's son Jesus Christ died on the cross in our place)

e The solution is Jesus (Jesus atoning sacrifice on the cross became our sin payment)

f Through Jesus our past, present and future sins are washed away forever

g Why? (God loves us, is merciful and grants us grace through his son Jesus)

h How? (when we repent of our sins, place our faith & trust in Jesus as Lord & Savior)

i When? ( you will be saved immediately, your soul is sealed by the Holy Spirit for ever)

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