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You can find out first hand what it's like to be me...

you sold you're self for cocaine..

Welcome to this institution
One way to resolution
I'm put on this medication
Rolls down my throat

Cause I can't ever sleep at night the same
This medication enjoys, enjoys most every day

Cause I close my eyes,
I see land

What did I say?
What did I say to put Sister to Sleep?
And fall awake and die
And I'm never goin' to bed

Back to the day, back into this day
Back to another level, hotter then hell
Said that we're not savages until we do it
And one last night I'll kiss your lips again

What did I say?
What did I say to put Sister to Sleep?
And fall awake and die
And I'm never goin' to sleep

I will take this ferris wheel
And I'm sleepwalking back into this hell

Oh my darling
For the first time

Don't let me sleep tonight
And get in your way tonight
Don't let me sleep tonight
Get in your way

What did I say?
What did I say to put Sister to sleep?
I'll never go to sleep
And I won't go back to bed

I'm sleepwalking back into this...
Oh... God...
follow me?

is this what you always want me for?

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you've worn out all your dancing shoes this time.

Well, i find it hard to stay, with the words you say..

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Twigsie Report | 08/29/2009 1:58 pm
so been of for a while finally glad to get back on
Lenre Li Report | 08/25/2009 9:54 pm
X3 Heh. It kinda reflects what I'm feeling... in a weird way. >.<
Lenre Li Report | 05/27/2009 6:47 pm
Thank you. X3
Twigsie Report | 05/27/2009 10:17 am
Thanks for viewing my profile so how are you
Lenre Li Report | 05/24/2009 6:23 pm
Yeah. xd
mouthlikejoshdies Report | 05/24/2009 5:07 pm
abbysaurus Report | 05/23/2009 7:41 am
Thank you...!
I posted some.
Lenre Li Report | 05/23/2009 4:12 am
xd Normal really doesn't apply to this place...
Lenre Li Report | 05/23/2009 1:06 am
I focus on a lot of things. xd Like right now, even though I'm here, I'm looking up Pokemon stuff, thinking of playing Platinum later, a part of me is always sorting out my finances for what I can and can't get...

Hmm. confused Thanks, I think.

Anyway, I'm gonna get the laptop out of the way so my mum doesn't blow another gasket and play Platinum to pass the time. xd Ttyl.
hauntingnightmare Report | 05/23/2009 12:59 am
I am on msn xD -i think- Unless ive left myself on appear offline again >.>;

the beauty that i'm faking.

scarecrow. &lt;3