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Birthday: 09/11

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Hello there dear shoppers, welcome to my store. Everything I sell here is priced not too far below the average price, so you're bound to find some better deals.

Note: Do not send me PMs requesting donations. I've worked hard for the gold that I have, and the items I've bought. I made it without requesting donations, you can too.

Thank you for shopping, have a nice day.


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Things I like to do: Roleplay, Draw, Write, Read, Get Online, And More.

Things I hate: People talking to me like I'm stupid, because I'm not. Also, people talking to me like they're higher than myself, because I don't believe you have any authority over me. People telling me that I'm jealous of someone else. If I'm jealous of them, I'll tell you. I know what jealousy feels like, and I know how I act when I'm jealous. I WILL say it to SOMEONE'S face that I'm jealous of someone because of something. Okay? Don't assume I'm jealous because I'm acting like an a*****e. I have my bad days.

First Art Page: My DeviantART account.
Second Art Page: My SheezyArt account.
Numerology Page: Currently under continuous construction, but it's there.

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Click the above picture to go to my Art Shop, hosted under my Wadjet_the_Protector account.

Hey, if you see these following accounts, those also belong to me!


That's all.


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God's a stalker, that's all there is to it.