A mystery or a monstrosity?

~My name's Jazmin. -Feel free to give me a nickname.- :3
~This is me.
~I love weird. <3
-I mean...Why be like this..When you can this? :'D-
~Tim Burton is my favorite artist. <3
~I'm shy at first but I start to open up once you get to know me.
~My birthday's February 28th.
~I draw, write, sculpt, a little bit of photography. o-o I draw and write more than anything else though.
~If I tell you I love you, it means forever.
~I make a lot of mistakes. I'm always hurting myself. -Emotionally- :/
~I'm lazy.
~I get attached to a person quickly.
~I make the wrong decisions most of the time. I'll try to fix my mistakes..
and that only works half the time.
~I have quite a few regrets. -Who doesn't?-
~I hate being alone.
~I like all types of music, though you'll find me listening to any type of metal or post-hardcore most of the time.
~I hate being ignored.
~I don't like to disappoint the ones or one I love but..sadly, that's happened over a billion times..
~I hate liars and promise breakers,
I'm not one of them.
~I'm very fun to watch when I get hyper.
~I can get very random and I'm a huge weirdo, though it kinda doesn't seem like it now. o-o