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Hello, this is Luminescent Blade's Sirius Character mule.


Sirius's profile:

Some things you should know:

*If Sirius's birthday is after August 31, his birth year should be 1959. However, since it is unknown as of now, seeing that there are 8 monthes possible for 1960 and 4 monthes possible for 1959, elementary school probability tells me that 1960 makes more sense due to the 2:1 ratio between the monthes possible.

Also, if Sirius was born in July and August, it will make him 35 at the age of death. But as that is a 5:1 ratio for Age 36 compared to Age 35, it makes more sense to put 36 down.

** these are estimates based on details from the book. Can be, but doesn't necessarily be 100% canon.

*** these are MADE UP "facts" used only for this profile. Unless I turn out to be psychic and these are actually canon, DO NOT TAKE TRIPLE-ASTERISKED "FACTS" AS CANON. These are only for this profile. And Sirius being Beater might actually be true (his brother was in Quidditch, and JKR said something about Qudditch-savvyness running in families). Well, it's more probable than the random date I assigned as his birth date being canon, anyways. That's a 1:366 chance. 366 because 1960 is a leap year.

-The rest of the facts, non marked by any asterisks, are absolute canon. Except maybe his middle name, but I'm pretty sure his middle name was Orion. If not, the it's Lee (lol).

Name: Sirius Orion Black
Nicknames: Padfoot, Snuffles
Age of Death: 36 (1960-1996)*
Date of Birth: 26 April, 1960 ***
Date of Death: 25 June, 1996**
Hair color: Black
Hair Length: Elbow Length
Eye color: Gray
Height: 6'4"**
Weight: 210 lbs ***
Former Hogwarts House: Gryffindor
Former Quidditch Position: Beater***
Mother: Walburga Black (1925-1985) (D. Age 60)
Father: Orion Black (1929-1979) (D. Age 50)
Siblings: Regulus Black (1961-1979) (D. Age 18 )

Also, I did not include personality or personal history in this profile. Why? Because if I did, I fear that the profile will end up being almost as long as my main account's profile.

I have a long profile. Don't believe me? Go look. It's mostly text too.


Sirius Out of Character---Mostly random talk on Shipping and Final Fantasy III.

As above stated, I am Luminescent Blade's mule.

I revived my old ask thread. Go there. I demand you. Q&A's to Sirius(and Alphard)

Shipping-wise, I personally prefer canon. However, there are a few fanon ships that I like as well. Such as Regulus/Lily. It came from a MSN conversation/crack crossover RP with Claudia (MaraudersMagic93; we're friends IRL), where Regulus asked Lily out and she accepts. And it grew on us. Even though Regulus is Claudia's bishie, we still have fun with the pairing.

Contrast to mainstream, I am not a Remus/Sirius shipper. And I will not be unless JKR confirms it. Being that the world is still about 70% heterosexual, it's a greater chance that Sirius is straight than not. Doesn't mean that I have anything against gay people, Dumbledore is still awesome no matter what, but I just don't think Sirius is. But if JKR says he is, I'll accept that. However, as seen from Shounen Manga that I read, there's really only one homosexual per series as far as I've seen. And I think Dumbledore is that one in Harry Potter, even though HP isn't Manga.

However, I personally think that Remus/Sirius is much better than Sirius's other fanon ships he's been put through (mainly SiriusxSnape and Blackcest).

Anyways, ship whatever you want, I don't care. Just if you have a fanon ship, even if there is what you think as hinting and subtext, don't take it as canon. I thought Neville/Luna as canon before JKR released the interview, but it's all over.

I finally beat Final Fantasy III! Now I'm just going to go around doing random side missions, if I can get my friend to get the connection up. I do want to play around with the other job classes. And now I can go overkill since I have aroud 17 Shurikens left. I had too much money. So I bought a lot, except that I used only 2.
I could sell it for more munnies, but seeing that I have nothing to do with the money, I'll just play around with job classes, then. I mean, I don't need to train since I'm already lv. 99.

I'm thinking of what to write for Desch's addition into the Sirius Reincarnations/Past-Lives list. Any suggestions?

Now I'll have more time for Pokemon and other games. My friend lent me Golden Sun, so I'll probably play that next. I did beat the Elite Four after all.


Sirius tektek-splays random characters.

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Vincent Valentine


This is Uncle Alphard. He will be writing in Green, and is one of the best people in the family. Uncle Alphard shares this account with me as Sirius, and back in the days of my ask thread he used to have long conversations about Wizarding genetics. It was great.
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I love your profile, because I love Sirius Black!

He ist the best charakter of Harry Potter!

Oh, I know, my english sucks -.-
Fragrance Of A Rose

Report | 10/13/2008 6:31 pm

Fragrance Of A Rose

Hey, I saw your ask topic, posted, and thought I'd say hi.

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awesome avi!!! wohoo!!!!!!
Dars Moogle Baby

Report | 06/02/2008 2:02 pm

Dars Moogle Baby

Hi, I'm back!!! Love the new profile.

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Hello Sirius^^ you are avi is really sexy

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Yeah...the books are waaaay better. I was really dissapointed with the Sirius Black in the movies...I wanted him to be a hottie.


Not a NOTTIE!!
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LeGon has moved

Which do you prefer? The books or the movies?

I actually liek the books waaay better.

The Forgotten Echoes

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The Forgotten Echoes

You have been added to the number list of all who love Sessy
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So...I assume you like Harry Potter? [lmao]
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Hi there!

You seem pretty cool...so I thought I'd say something.



I made pic and banner. ^
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