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Before I get into details about me... I wanna frist say that I love tekteking and I enter in contest on gaia ALL the time...
GAIA tek tek wins are
Hai! The names Clifford but I prefer to be called
Rose. Don't let my Gaia age fool you since I have been on Gaia for about 5 years now and have had several accounts. This is my latest and only account left due to some errors and unfortunately having each of my accounts in the past either banned or hacked.
Im a Lurker in the Life Issues Forum since I care about the issues that people have in a manner that I hope they can resolve them with high hopes. Sadly since the world isnt picture perfect there will be botters and people who will post mean things...Anyways getting back to me.
I am a male (although most mistaken me for female) Im 21 years old, and a Homosexual (GAY) and I am taken by a wonderful partner. He participates on Gaia as well but I must be honest, I too have life issues and it revolves around him with gay *or even BI* individuals on Gaia or in person. But thats for me to work on and not for you to worry about. I'm also Deaf And Hard Of Hearing, which means I have hearing loss since I was a child. I do wear devices on my ears to help me hear. I am a person who doesn't judge or question any choices that you make in life but should it affect me in any way then be ready for me to jump at you. I will not be tossed aside, nor will I temporarily be put aside either. I have had a friend or two do that and I'll tell you right now it didn't make me happy!! I wish you all the best of luck on Gaia and hope you get everything you want in life. May luck be with you! smile
I love life when everything is right... below you will see my likes n dislikes.
-happy people

-angry people

Thank you

Random Friendships are acceptable to me. Just have a good sense of humor ~^.^~

I will Donate those who prove they could use a donation. =D!

I give donations just like others have given me...
If you want to Donate me your unwanted junk be my guest.
Other Donations are great as well.

Take care now. smile heart
Please Do Donate.... Remember when you give, you'll always get something back in the future.. and don't be greedy about it.

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The Pablisimo

Report | 11/12/2011 6:55 pm

The Pablisimo

To be honest, I just wanted to ask permission for your AVI to be used in my friends anime.
The Pablisimo

Report | 11/12/2011 6:11 pm

The Pablisimo

Hmm...never really thought of that...well then...this is an awkward situation to be in...
The Pablisimo

Report | 11/12/2011 4:33 am

The Pablisimo

You will now emotion_awesome

Report | 11/11/2011 8:09 pm


I'll do that ^^

Report | 11/05/2011 7:39 pm


Problem is i have little patience. though id learn for a friend, family member, or a job. lol

Report | 10/19/2011 10:18 am


Aww thank you so much biggrin blaugh

Report | 10/13/2011 3:36 pm


Thanks for the tip.
XxXSoulless SolsticeXxX

Report | 10/01/2011 4:17 pm

XxXSoulless SolsticeXxX

Lols I know! Meh, College is a b***h! x)
XxXSoulless SolsticeXxX

Report | 10/01/2011 4:10 pm

XxXSoulless SolsticeXxX

Everything's good! How bout you? biggrin
XxXSoulless SolsticeXxX

Report | 09/30/2011 1:22 pm

XxXSoulless SolsticeXxX

Hey Rose! biggrin