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Greetings and salutations. My name is Kent, and I'm literally your average 22 year old. When I say average I mean average height, weight, grades...everything except for my personality. dramallama

I enjoy listening to CreepyPastas, even though I'm super paranoid and easily freaked out by stuff like that. I also enjoy playing video games (specifically RPG games; Fallout and Skyrim mostly (or almost any Bethesda game, my favorite gaming company, which is quickly followed by Gearbox ( heart Borderlands to hell and back) and then Telltale Games) and Rogue Like games (with the occasional round of League of Legends). Although I'm really shy and rarely talk to people on the games I play and tend to strike off on my own...I do enjoy playing games with other people, I just don't usually engage a person to play something...(I don't want to ask because I don't know if they are busy, have people over, etc.)

I do suffer from depression quite a bit, but I've at least been able to put that behind me some days, others it just hangs over me like a gray cloud of doom and gloom (don't know why, but as I typed that I smiled and laughed a bit....guess I like the phrase Doom and Gloom). I also have a really bad case of social anxiety to the point that if someone new enters my life that I WANT to talk to, I can't bring myself to talk to them. Example, a really cute girl got hired and started last week. The only things I can bring myself to say are little things when she says something to me or anything to help her out with the job. Oh, and I'm not good with the whole eye contact thing so I just look past people when I talk to them, or just look down. (I've had a hard time with people and I feel like they can see into my emotions if I meet their gaze). Oh, I was bullied for about 4 years all through middle school, which still haunts me. My best friend since Kindergarten randomly decided one day to cut all ties with my and my other best friend is too busy with his girlfriend to make time to even respond to a message I send him. So now I pretty much have two friends and several acquaintances, but even those friends are getting distant since they started dating. Well, enough of that stuff...I think it got a little too personal there, but I'm too lazy to go and delete it so it's staying there.

I work retail, which around the holidays can be the absolute worst, but I enjoy my coworkers and my boss is great. OH and the best part is I make EVERYONE there suffer with my god awful puns, which is a plus. OH and fantastic hours (even if they are mostly 4 AM to noon 6 days a week)

I've always dabbled in writing and really want to get back into it, mostly poetry but I occasionally write short stories...I've been working on writing a fantasy (elves, dwarves, and such) romance story, but it's getting difficult for me to focus on it. xp UPDATE: I'm back to writing it, it's still not where I want it to be by a long shot, but at least I have stuff jotted down for what to add and I added another part to it so I'm slowly getting back to writing.

that's pretty much it, I'm surprised I wrote this much for this...anyway, that's it.

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Sir Kent's Poetry and Story Journal

Just as the title states, it's a journal that houses the poetry and "Work in Progress" stories that I have written.



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Imfranbow Report | 02/21/2016 2:28 pm
Thank you for the purchase
Mars-San Report | 02/18/2016 9:31 pm
Thanks so much for the gift! biggrin
TheAngelBeyond Report | 06/23/2015 10:05 pm
Don't know any CreepyPastas but I sure do know about Percy Jackson! The book is awesome even though I still haven't finished read it....
I also can't believe you like Hotel Transylvania and Fullmetal!! They are some of the awesomesauce which I love too!!

Oh and btw, thank you for buying my item and come again!... came actually to tell that but got caught up in reading your bio.. lol XD

Did you use to play zOMG! ?
TH3_G1ITCH_ Report | 04/09/2015 2:30 pm
"I enjoy listening to CreepyPastas, even though I'm super paranoid and easily freaked out by stuff like that"

Ha! That's totes mc-scrotes like me! I'm constantly being called strange for enjoying games and creepypasta's even though they actually creep me the fook out!

Sorry to bother you but I saw you on that Gamer Guild and I got nosey. XD



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