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I have come to Gaia seeking adventure and relaxation, a refuge from my normal life, my life of the reality realm. It is almost an escape, these journeys into the realms of Gaia.

The Aegis of Dark'Water

During the time of the great wars between the God of light and darkness, they sent their herald into the world to bestow the mark of the Aegis unto the mortals. The battle for control was at a stalemate, for both sides were equal in strength and power, which is the balance of scales. Knowing there could never be a victor the side of Darkness watched long on the world of mortal and a devised plan to trick the other gods into using these mortals in their war. Mortals had the choice to choose between good and evil, thus the Darkness had seen time and again evil among them win out. And so he herald was sent.
Yet, the herald, seeing the greed and corruption among the humans knew then of the Darkness' deception and turned his duty to search the world out for a common balance among the humans. This lead his gaze to the small town of Dark'Water, there the balance was shared equally. The only fare way this war would have a victory lay with the hearts of mortals. The herald burned the Aegis deep into the souls of the sons and daughters of Dark'Water, so in time they will grow and take up arms as the champions able to weigh the scale and win out this endless war one way or the other.
Alas however, with all new beginnings there seems to follow a time of great destruction and chaos, blood shed and death. The Gods were both outraged at the herald's decision to give the powers equally among mortals and thus cast him deep into the void of the outer realm. But this was not good enough for the Gods of Darkness, thus with one great fell swoop, Dark'Water was razed away by fire and lightning from the realm.

Not speck nor building stood in the aftermath, the children's souls were scattered to the far corners of the realm. Each soul to live anew, awakening, unknowing of their gifts, their journey and the destiny that lay a head. Some will dwell in darkness yet become great fires in the night for justice, whereas others raised in the light of day can become secret in the dark arts and most vile of servants to destruction. Not all evil hides within the dark, and often times it will wear a pretty face. The deeds of one will determine the nature of the their soul, for we are but the wheedlers and forgers, thus the soul is the greatest weapon of all.


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The Chronicals of Walker

This is the tale of my adventures in the realms of Gaia.


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