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NeverShoutDenny Report | 08/02/2012 9:00 am
Happy Birthday C:
X-Kai Uchiha-X Report | 06/26/2011 11:24 am
X-Kai Uchiha-X
well it depends the Inazuma clan is being rebuilt and i still RP but only in litarate guilds, however here in there ill be in non litatrate guilds to pass the time while waiting for a reply lol
X-Kai Uchiha-X Report | 06/25/2011 9:42 am
X-Kai Uchiha-X
LMAO tushay my friend
X-Kai Uchiha-X Report | 06/24/2011 3:03 pm
X-Kai Uchiha-X
your back??? I though you died. Intriguing
HotColdFrappucino Report | 11/27/2010 8:36 pm
Ohmgawd where are youu?? D: -misses you-
HotColdFrappucino Report | 10/18/2010 11:56 pm
Hello? Anyone there? If you read this then WHERE ISH YOUUUUUUU??? I haven't seen you online for such a long time.. eek don't tell me your pregnant???
HotColdFrappucino Report | 09/26/2010 7:24 am
Hiyas, long time no see :L Howsya been? mrgreen
Vocaloid Kaai Yuki Report | 09/15/2010 12:24 pm
Vocaloid Kaai Yuki
Hiyo me luv.
How are you?
I haven't got to talk to you for a long time sad
Next time your online please message me.
heart heart heart heart
II Cisara II Report | 09/11/2010 7:13 am
II Cisara II
Vocaloid Kaai Yuki Report | 08/27/2010 11:58 am
Vocaloid Kaai Yuki
so i was going 2 give u a Chocolate Bar

( ';')
(> )> █ i was like, totally gonna give u this chocolate bar....

..(o_o )
█<( < but then i was like...

(>█< im sooo hungry!!!

(>█ < then i like ated it......... heart 3nodding

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