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Character’s favorite color: Green
Character’s single word description: The Repentent

NAME: Sir Justice
CLASS: Knight
WEAPON: Rapier
CLAN: none

THEME SONG: "What I've Done" by Linkin Park & "Hang On" by Seether

ALIAS(ES): The Tainted Knight
BIRTH DATE/PLACE: February 26/Isles of Lefaun
AGE: 23
HEIGHT: 5' 11"
HAIR COLOR: Blond with a black streak
CLOTHES/ACCESSORIES: black light-weight armor, a dark blue gem on one gauntlet and a dark red upon the other, a black metal collar
QUOTE: "I seek redemption."
SIGNATURE/SYMBOL: (If you can’t draw don’t worry about it)

SKILLS: Can summon ShadowFire and ShadowFrost
ACTIVITIES/HOBBIES: Stargazing by moonlight
LIKES: tranquility and nature
DISLIKES: Large crowds and random violence
STRENGTHS: Immuninity to fire and ice, speed
WEAKNESSES: When in the presence of extremely dark magic his collar causes him immense pain. He also cannot use his elemental powers without his gauntlet gems.
SIGNATURE MOVES: Pierce, Frost Fang, Fire Fang, 99-Sins

DESCRIPTION: A nomadic knight from the Isles of Lefaun. It is rumored he pledged himself to a dark master and did terrible things in her name. Supposedly, he vanquished his master and took his freedom. He now wanders the lands in search of redemption. Upon one quest, he slayed the beasts ShadowFire and ShadowFrost and now weilds their power in his gauntlets. Although he knows nothing of the events that transpired in the Kingdoms of Coeurs and Lunis, he is always up for a noble quest and will fight evil anywhere he finds it. But, can he be trusted? Why does he still wear a slave collar? Why would a noble knight pledge himself to such a master? What did he gain? And what did he lose?


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Nevrotic_Cookie Report | 04/05/2010 12:27 am
Thak you for buying! ^.^
[Faelan] Report | 02/25/2010 1:07 am
Happy Birthday!!! biggrin <3
Wing de Fiancee Report | 01/26/2010 5:18 pm
Wing de Fiancee
Tarzan to elf dude. You've made my day. 8D

...Are you trying to impersonate Seth?
Wing de Fiancee Report | 01/25/2010 11:08 pm
Wing de Fiancee
Er...nice...outfit? XD
sinku anaka Report | 05/31/2009 10:31 am
sinku anaka
how do you like my pet dragon?
sinku anaka Report | 05/20/2009 9:59 pm
sinku anaka
hey get your tail to the battlefield and got to the one titled fur flies.......sinku want's a rematch against justice.
Wing de Fiancee Report | 03/31/2009 6:52 pm
Wing de Fiancee
*High fives*

Now there's a guy who knows EPIC. biggrin

Thanks for running the RP for a little while; I really appreciate it! ^^ Nao I'll take that torch, please and thank you ~
sinku anaka Report | 03/21/2009 5:41 pm
sinku anaka
yay your back online again
sinku anaka Report | 03/15/2009 3:49 pm
sinku anaka
hi there man
Sion_L_Lionheart Report | 03/04/2009 5:59 pm
Have you greeted mizu yet =o-o= she's shy about the group trying to make her feel as comfy as possible



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