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Welcome All! Thanks for coming to my store.
Do not: Ask me to take your bid on items up for auction, you get the item if you bid the most at the end of the day.
Ask me to lower my prices for any reason. They are already the lowest prices, there not going any lower.
Do, however, check in often since I try to have a lot of items on the shelf usually.


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Hello! My name is Flack (obviously) I am a laid-back, fun loving kind of a guy. I like good conversations with other Gaians.

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legacy of the titan Report | 12/06/2008 3:29 pm
legacy of the titan
xXxWarLordxXx Report | 11/18/2008 8:16 am
most people aren't sure of what they really want in life. I received this letter from a friend on the computer, did what it told me to, and within a week, everything I had wished came true!! Here's an exact copy, 





1. To yourself, say the name of the only guy or girl you wanna be with 3 times!


2. Think of something you wanna accomplish within the next week and say it to your self 6 times!!


3. If you had 1 wish what would it be? say it to yourself 9 times!!!


4. Think of something that you want to happen between you and that 1special person and say it to your self 12 times!!!


5. Now here's the hard part! Pick only 1 of these wishes and as you scroll down focus and concentrate on it and think on nothing else but that wish.











Now for the last & final wish about that one wish that you picked...

after reading this, you have 1 hour to send it out to 15 people, and what you wished for will come true within in one week!

Here's your last chance!!!!! Now scroll down and think of your


Keep going...


You better still be thinking about that 1 person!

xXxWarLordxXx Report | 11/06/2008 1:41 pm
kool profile man wat u been up to
Donniz Report | 11/06/2008 9:28 am
Haha np. xD But i wanna thank you.. ^^ It's very fun to hear that i'm good on something that arent video games. xD ^^ I mean.. I have just write some poems in 1-2 years.. And I dont write often. . but sometimes. x3 So it's very fun to hear that u think i'm good. biggrin
Donniz Report | 11/06/2008 9:18 am
hehe aww thank you so much. ^^ Yea. It's okey. biggrin
Donniz Report | 11/06/2008 8:48 am
haha okey xD Hm. yea.. it was my first poem, did it last year or something. xD
I have 3 short poems on my profile. With nice backgrounds. biggrin (down on my profile beside the pics of me irl)
just if u're interested.. ^^'
Donniz Report | 11/06/2008 7:58 am
hehe thank you. ^^ Its one of my oldest poems. My first one i tihnk. xD but nvm. Np. ^^ I can understand that you worked hard with it. smile
Donniz Report | 11/06/2008 7:55 am
Hey! biggrin I just wanted to say thanks for your coment on my poem-thing. ^^ xD
Btw.. your aquarium is AWESOME! 0.0
magicdarkvamp Report | 11/05/2008 9:00 pm
SexyGirlovely324 Report | 11/05/2008 1:38 pm
hi man whore

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