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Hello there.

First things first. Now, let’s see. Where am I? No, don’t tell me. It’s more fun guessing. Definitely Earth. I'd know this great old planet any time. I’ve been here once or twice before. Quite a few times, actually. I suppose you could say I was even a resident for a while.

Oh, you can definitely say I'm not from around here. I'm not even from this planet. Wellll, not even this solar system. Wellllll, not even this galaxy!

Can you tell me what year it is? Well, it’s not that hard of a hard question. If I knew, I wouldn’t ask. Never mind. Early 21st century by the look of it. Am I right? Come on, tell me I'm right. Of course I'm right!

Blimey you ask a lot of questions. I’ve had a lot of names; more names than I’ve had faces. I’m The Doctor. No surname. No first name, either. Just The Doctor. Time Lord if you really want to know, but let’s keep that between us for now.

I’m really just a traveler. See that blue box over there? That’s my ship. Oi! Whattaya mean, that old thing? I travel through time and space in “that old thing.” Besides, you haven’t even seen the inside yet.

Would you like to?

Note About Videos

Newest pet project: Video clips of each Doctor's regeneration.
First and Second Doctor scenes are reconstructed and are poor quality. Also, the 6th Doctor's regeneration is included in the 7th Doctor's Post Regeneration segment.

First Doctor - Regeneration Start

Second Doctor - Post Regeneration

Second Doctor - Regeneration Start

Third Doctor - Post Regeneration

Third Doctor - Regeneration Start

Fourth Doctor - Post Regeneration

Fourth Doctor - Regeneration Start

Fifth Doctor - Post Regeneration

Fifth Doctor - Regeneration Start

Sixth Doctor - Post Regeneration

Seventh Doctor - Post Regeneration

Would you like a jelly baby?

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Sarah-J-Smith Report | 08/12/2013 8:54 pm
Evening, Doctor smile
La fleur rouge de lhomme Report | 08/12/2013 8:51 pm
Ps: You still owe me a "cuppa ".xp
La fleur rouge de lhomme Report | 08/12/2013 8:49 pm
See ya!
La fleur rouge de lhomme Report | 08/12/2013 8:47 pm
Yeah ,I know. You look nice tonight.
La fleur rouge de lhomme Report | 08/12/2013 8:41 pm
Hi. How are you? I see you got your Robin Hood outfit. wink You look nice.
La fleur rouge de lhomme Report | 02/19/2012 6:36 pm
Hello,Doctor.(hugs Sir Doctor)
Sarah-J-Smith Report | 02/18/2012 7:30 pm
Just saying hello from one Whovian to another! Love the profile by the way
La fleur rouge de lhomme Report | 01/29/2012 8:05 pm
[Have you tried thewarm starter windblown scarffs.They're quite cheep and look verry much like the scarff your wareing now. 3nodding ]
La fleur rouge de lhomme Report | 01/29/2012 7:52 pm
[Edit whites. rolleyes ]
La fleur rouge de lhomme Report | 01/29/2012 7:51 pm
Ahh! Doctor what happened to your eyes?! Why are your white the color of your skin tone?!

"I've been running... faster than I've ever run. Now it's time for me to stop." 11th Doctor.


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First Doctor
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Second Doctor
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Third Doctor
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Fourth Doctor,
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Fifth Doctor
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Sixth Doctor
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Seventh Doctor
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Eighth Doctor
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Ninth Doctor
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Tenth Doctor
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